Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Silly Me

For the past 2 weeks, I went over to Bird Nest everyday after class.

So, as usual today was in the Big Nest





Went toilet.

Bird being lame (again) he switched off the light and make very very annoying ghost noise.


(toilet got 2 doors. One's the main one, another's connecting to his sister's room)

I was a little annoyed. So, I decided to go out through the sister's door, silently.

I'm sure if you go oh-shi-shi will surely lock door wan ma, right? So, first i went in thru the main door, locked it; then went out thru the other door and locked it as well (cuz the 2nd door was originally locked).

When I came out from the sister's room. Bird was shocked and he said, both door is now locked and couldn't open. Gotta call locksmith


Bloody panic!!!!

But the maid said can open the main toilet door with a

O_o sound weird to me. Nevertheless i tried cause I dont want to feel bad.

Bird taught me, to stuff the spoon in the
celah pintu and korek the door. I tried. The maid laughed. LOUD!

Then she taught me the right way: it's just like opening door with a key, with the end tip of spoon.


stupid bird.

day and night fool me wan lor..


cheahwey said...

Wah damn dumb man nicole...

You never watch the shows where they use cards to open doors wan ah?

Cathy said...

but i dont know the exact way how they open it..but i know the door can be opened using the card lar....hahaa..dumb lar nicole..lock both sides..