Friday, February 22, 2008

Fussy Queen

Just came back from 1Utama.

Yeah i know I have not much time left, shouldn't go out so much and this and that and blah blah blah. YOU!! STOP BUGGING ME LAH.. don't act like my dad!

I was out cause, this would be my LAST WEEK of freedom, before i'm locked up in the Chamber of Revision. Besides, I gotta search for my pressie ma... Birdie say hor, if I don't make up my mind fast in choosing a present then he will use up the stack of money he've saved for my present and use it to buy his supplements.

So, chop chop....before my present vanish into thin air!

I need watch, and bag, nice skirts and more shirts and more shoes.

Watch, daddy say he'll buy for me so scrap.

Takan I ask him buy me skirt and shirts meh? damn wasting lor...

Shoes, i'll buy myself =D

So, fine lor. Bag.

U think buy bag very easy wan huh?

I walked new and old wing went in shop by shop and guess what. I FOUND NOTHING THAT CAN BEHOLD MY EYES...
Either i like the design or colour but dun like the size or shape of the bag or the length or vise versa...

So far saw only 2 totes from Billabong, 1 pink tote from Nike and one more from Kipling.

I went to Guess? to see if the white bagpack i saw the other is still there, but they kept it in the store room because Guess? is getting rid of their old stocks now.

I have no idea how much it cost but i think shouldn't exceed RM400 =D

die ler... woei present ah. Don't go. Wait for me lah!!

Oh I saw this green dress from Forever 21. Like it a lot lor... But then hor I'm not sure if it's a mini dress or a long shirt wor... but i saw the dollie-model wore it alone only with gold necklaces and bangles lo...

The dress

Front View - the length is still ok

But the back... bend down confirm walk-light!

Don't know why ah lately, some of my friends' boyfriend cheated on them (my girl friends). One by one. And all of their boyfriends, not really rich, and don't really have looks nor body, and I wonder what they are thinking.

If you dont like, no more sparks liao, tell lor. Break up only lah.

Then when my frens all asked for break up, then only regret. Some called, one even met an accident tsk tsk. I say, from now on, you guys should stop eating rice and start feeding urself with shit.

Obviously, I questioned Birdie also which, annoys him A LOT.

" stop saying me this lah. It's like reminding me to cheat on you!

And pls lah, your boyfriend is not super rich and don't look like Brad Pitt.

U think kao girl very easy wan ar? Need damn a lot of effort one ok?!?!"

IF you say so.

Kao girls need a lot of effort one meh? Lol. I didn't know that...

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