Thursday, February 07, 2008

I miss Granny

1) Had family dinner at uncle's house. Dinner was freaking GoOooOOoOODdDD. *thumbs up* Uncle and aunt started cooking since Monday. Dishes are all of my grandma's recipe ( she's a great cook). SUPERB!! And it's all of my favourite! Haven't had all those for years!! Oh my, I miss her a lot out of the sudden.

I had fish of the sea, Birds of the air, beast of the field and vege from the ground? haha. From roasted, to grilled to steamed, fried and baked haha all sorts. Damn satisfied lah. If got crab i'll call it dinner from heaven haha

Yeah after tonight, I added more weight hahaha... but then I'm happy to be fat. Can fit in more clothes =)

2) Video cam-ed with Brian just now. It was FUN teehee. Boohoo, he's leaving for Aussie in 6days!

3) Prank Fattyboy. His reaction was fast..called me immediately. Thanks to Hwey, the aftermath of the message is GoOoOoooOOOOOd!

4) My Seremban neighbour (yes i have house somewhere near Seremban haha) gave us quite a few kgs of Dragon Fruit. Very juicy and sweet indeed. My sister and I both had satu biji buah yang sangat the besar. Next day.... my urine turn purple colour =S then it was pink for the rest of the day. My sister complain that she had purplish-pink soft stool lol. Freaky!!

5) Happy CNY everyone =) My family and I don't celebrate, nevertheless, I was blessed financially too, not from ang pow hehe..

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