Friday, February 08, 2008

Hi and Bye

Fattyboy coming back to KL PJ in 2 days.

CNY. As usual lah. No comment.

Today suppose go out with PC and Hwey but I couldn't make it cause gotta teman daddy. I went 1u 6 times in just 4 days. Boring or not?!?! Yesterday wanted go Pavilion (my first trip leh) but then i dunno the way. Guess gotta wait for Birdie to bring me lor..

Anyway i got quite a lot of cash *nyek nyek* Not from ang pow lah haha. But then i spent almost all liao hahhaa. Bought shirts for dad. Toiletries for brother. Hair accessories for sister and of course clothes for myself haha. I don't think i need more clothes but I just love to have more =)

Seriously, daddy very high maintenance lor. I think i really have to study real hard in order to get a well paid job next time after i graduate or else i really dunno where to find money to feed my dad man. He wears the best, eats the best, use the best. *gasp*

Did i mention my brother's going National Service in March? hahahhaah... gong hei sai gong hei sai. He hates sun. He hates outdoor game he hates to do anything that has to sweat and use strength. He and Fattyboy damn alike lor hhaha.. Bird hates to go out when it's hot. He'll die without air-con

Guess what i enjoy doing most right now? Spanking my brother's ass haha. Ya ma, he'll be gone soon.

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