Saturday, February 09, 2008

Why? What's wrong??

FYI. My family DO NOT celebrate CNY tho we're of yellow heritage. Therefore, if anyone gives me an angpao, I WILL NOT accept it. Because, by accepting means im participating which is against my family practice. I know very well the reason behind this but i will not take an afford to explain because I know, non can understand.

Do not try to persuade me and all because I'm standing very firmly on my ground.

If I am just afraid of making other mankind unhappy and all, don't want to offend anyone and take angpao then I tell you, I'd feel as if I've betrayed my family and I'd better die than live in shame.

What's wrong with a yellow skin man/woman, who doesn't celebrate Chinese New Year? Very chut-kei meh? Seriously, I don't think there's anything wrong with it lor. It's just like, not every Muslim lady wears Tudung. Get it? So, ask no more.

I asked dad, why people tend to be unhappy when I reject their red packet. He explained that they believe when they give, and one rejects it, that's bad luck or whatever..

And i think Hwey's mum is unhappy. AUNTIE I AM SORRY! I don't mean to offend her and I seriously don't know people will actually think if one rejects their angpao means bad luck n stuff and I'm not being arrogant or anything, nor am I looking down on your few bucks. That small red packet may contains a USD 1 Mil cheque, I will not accept it too. I just DON'T celebrate. That's all!

ah, IF you mum really thinks I'm bringing her bad luck. I'd like to wish her 'God Bless You'. Hopefully can contra off the bad-luck-ness =D

Seriously, if my parents have not sent me to a chinese primary school, I will not know the story behind Bak-Zang and Tang-Yuan and even mooncake. If not for that 6 years of hell on earth, I think I have way lesser knowledge (on the chinese culture) than Jonathan's (Hwey's cousin from U.S). And Justin, doesn't know a mooncake is called mooncake and of course, he's oblivious of the story and all.

I think it's my fault. I shouldn't have left my house today. Or MAYBE, I shouldn't have went into Hwey's kitchen then I wont bumped into Hwey's mum face to face then I won't face such awkward situation.

Hwey's mum gave me one, I told her I cant accept it. She insist on giving. I insist on not accepting. She's my best friend's mum and I know she's a nice lady and I, Nicole Yong, is good at blasting anything and anyone but not nice, good people.

I seriously don't know how to tell her off say no. She's a nice nice person but i have to stand on my ground then I just simply say I cant take cause dad say Christian cant take angpow. And guess what happened next? SHE BROUGHT ME TO HWEY'S AUNTIE PEGGY (from U.S). SHE BROUGHT HER BIBLE AND TALK TO ME AND POINT SCRIPTURES TO ME!!!! -____________- ARGH STUPID ME!!!

Anyway, thanks to Hwey's dad being very understanding =) (okay, this doesn't mean your mum is not lol)

This is my worst experience so far. And next time I will not step out of my house during the 15 days of CNY!!!... Tell you seriously, I may be a Christian, but I AM VERY AFRAID of other Christians, telling me scriptures and all. I would have peed my pants!


_VeL_ said...

eh..wayne is christian too..but he can takes ang pao lar..his dad even gave him rm200 ang pao! LOL

-Littlenicky- said...


wayne is?


Don't look like one haha good also lah haha those scary christians are creepy haha

My grandma dont give and take lol

Gzhang said...


To each his/her own la.

But if it makes you feel so inconvenient, can just take and then give away to charity~

Makes life much easier. No need explain so much XD