Sunday, January 20, 2008


Lately dunno why, I damn rajin to blog lor..

Nothing much happened lately. Usual stuff - college, church, boyfriend....

Weird. I somehow dont hang out much with my friends. I wonder why.

Eh why ah????

Anyway, I bought a pair of shoe just now at Ikano. White one.

Normal price was RM45.

Wanted to buy yesterday when i was with Birdie at 1 Utama, but i did not cause dad called me twice, rushing me to go back.

Today, anyhow, got 20% discount!!!

See. God help me save cash teehee. Yesterday no sale, today got sale. So i bought it for only RM 36!! =D

*clap clap*

As typical shopper, i feel very happy even if i get to buy something RM0.10 cheaper. I feel great.

Dont ask!! I just feel good =)

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