Sunday, January 20, 2008

My bad =(

Fattyboy is sick not feeling very well today

He says my disease made him feel weak

My fault lor...


Currently listening to Starry Starry Night by Don McLean.

Slow song, but nice. Nice lyrics.


I think i'm gonna start back my body combat classes.

My abdomen is accumulating more fats than usual despite me eating lesser =S

Or shall i go for swimming instead? cheaper wor...

After my LCCI exam i go bou-meng..


I think most of people know i dislike my sister.

I'm not a human with black heart you see. She made me (and my brother in fact) dislike her..
Well, at least i do not hate her...

Everyone says she's cute lah blah blah blah... WHATEVER *roll eyes*

HELLO!!!! It's not cute at all when that little bitch mess up your room.

Her hair is everywhere on the floor and I have to sweep them every morning! Fair enough, since that's MY ROOM and i have my responsibility to clean it, besides, not that i don't drop any hair..

But i really hate it when she hang her worn clothes on MY SOFA, MY DOOR NOB, even the computer table.. (i mean the chair lol)

She's always lazy to wash her own socks and when she's running out of socks, she'll wear MINE!!!
What's worst is, she knows i doesn't like her use my things (im not being selfish but dont want her to cultivate the share-share attitude. Certain things cannot be shared!) and she's afraid of asking for my permission, so, she'll 'steal' my socks, wear them, then put them back in my wardrobe!!!!


Computer table. I have her comb, her SCHOOL BADGE, her guitar notes and pen, hair tie and etc!!!!!



I wanna go Pavilion KL lah!!

Went Gardens liao.. not fun.

I heard Pavilion GSC damn nice wan lor....

really ar??

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