Thursday, January 31, 2008

Potong Stim

I wanted to eat Muah-Chi from pasar malam (night market).

Dragged twins along. Planned to ajak Siok Wah but that woman's sick again so boohoo too bad. Next time lah...

The sky turn a little gloomy so I thought, might as well fast fast go grab whatever food i want and fast fast come back before the rain pour down.

But then hor... started to drizzle when we just left DJ area then rain as we reach Chow Yang. zzz. Bloody potong stim lor.. So I only managed to buy Asam Laksa. Other food stalls not open yet due to the bad weather.

Go back time, rain stopped.


Very tulan wan lor sometimes.


Was talking to Fattyboy bout his temper. Guess what he said??

no la ....volcano erupt but im still the nicest person in pj so no worries
If got top ten nicest person on pj, i got chance win 1 or 2nd prize

Damn thick face man!


I was rather excited for Roberta's happy happy news. =)

I don't feel like studying lor, so, search online for good name for a new born baby teehee.

I didn't know AMY is actually a French name. Azura is not really a Malay name nor a Japanese name but French! Cullen means handsome in Old French.

Nicole means Victory of the People in French hehe.

In Latin, Adrian means Dark and rich; Calvin means little bald one hahhahahaahahahaaa.....and i didn't know Auburn is a boy's name haha

Oh my.. so many nice names haha... I plan right haha, name my baby girl (IF i ever gonna tie the knot and give birth) Merry-Mirinda. =) I like Gabrielle, Violet, Charlotte.

Arthur and Ethan for boys. haha. Maybe i should think more when i'm free hahahaha....

Oh, guess what? dad went pasar malam and bought me all the food i wanted haha!!! Damn happy!!!

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