Thursday, December 21, 2006

Staff Annual Party

On 19th, There's staff party held at the hotel's ballroom. Theme: Pirates of the Carribean.

Really that night.. i dunno what to say. I like the setting of the ballroom la... but as for being pirates.. ambience is there la but there is just somehting missing which, i dunno what..

i worked from 12noon till 8pm that day, lucky me, can join cuz the thing starts at 7.

No comments on the performances. But there're loads of beer served there..

Most of the guys were managers had 10+ glasses..and me.. had my second taste of beer..haha..i took only 2 glasses..but i was more than enuff for me besides, my manager all banned me from getting near to beer glasses and the bar! Under age they say...

and of cuz la, most of them fag and all... the whole place in the beginning was a little pirate la but later i was spoilt...looks more like disco then..

And what's worst. Men from engineering and security department, mostly men ma.. all drunk. And then.. they went all over the ballroom, asking girls to dance with them and they touch touch and my poor ass got touch for twise! same person..

Thank God for Syariman, he's there just in time.. really saved me from kena molest.. no la he was actually a little late. Since that time, whenever i see those bunch of jerk, i will just get near to my UK manager...

at the end of night, the whole place turned into disco. Danced with my handsome Director Peter Lucas haha.. was fun haha..

Later lepak at Lotus (mamak near Hilton). Then Syariman fetch home... and he ahd 23 glasses of beer.... haha.. thank god for the safe journey man.. cuz really on the way, the car actually went left and right..

really. dun drink and drive! no good....


Deng said...

As your mother, I must say I am terribly worried about you.

Going home with a person, whose system has alcohol? Tsk tsk tsk..

Darling, if you need a ride, call your father.

And some strange men touching your bum? Where is your superior? I want a word with him and then I'll let the lawyer *cue hysterics* carry on by presenting him with a BIG FAT JUICY LAWSUIT!

*clears throat and smooths hair down*

Okay... well... be home for dinner for New Year's Eve! Ta!

*Damn, I'm good..*

hwey said...

^ So Hampton's mum la you...