Friday, September 01, 2006

Comp Lab

Haha..yea yea allow me to tell you something which i find it entertaining hehe

I am curently in KDU Comp lab. There's this pair of friend, China Chinese male and a local Indian (i guess)..talking, chatting..

K.. The chinese guy memang in the lab before i come in and the Indian friend came in later.. Then the Indian friend started "fuck! chinese!"

Then the chinese guy says why do you kept fucking chinese??
cuz i dun understand a thing.. ghee.. it's hard to communicate..

Then the chinese guy open a web page, in chinese of cuz, but it's like our kindergarden book..teaching ppl to read and pronounce chinese accurately. With the Han yu pin yin...

Try read this...*eye on the monitor and moving the cursor along the words..
Zao(3) Shang(2) Hao(3)...

sao(1) sang(4) hao(3)..

No no no no it's
Zao(3) Shang(2) Hao(3)...

it's so easy man, u can do it!

damn, chinese? easy? yea sure..cuz u'r a chinese..from china.

no no no no..chinese IS easy..

common try again..

zhao(4) Shang(4) Hao (4)

Shit...k..i'm going off now..have fun with your chinese...

K it's really risky to blog now and here.. IF they saw me writing these they might be angry and stuff then punch me then ahem... ish ish..

fast fast filter things off then publish!!


Deng said...

Zao(3) Shang(2) Hao(3)...

What's with the Di(4) Er(4)Sheng(1) on the Shang(4)??

Y.B.T. Hwey said...

Wtf are you talking about... So weird wan those two

nicoley said...

it's an indian speaking chinese la..u dun expect indians to speak chinese fluently dont u?? haha

how i know wat's tat 2 doing la.. i peeped and then curi dengar their conversation, so kenot exactly tell wat happened...