Monday, September 04, 2006


saturday, after dinner..went shopping

since it's the second last day of the Carnival sale, mummy and daddy tot maybe they can get something really ....bargain.

[i went to Jusco]..neway, as usual, i walked alone, apart from my parents...looking at my stuff, then there's this section, the undie sale.. it was written the "BRA SET FOR ONLY RM 10"

10 bucks bra, in jusco..surely the banner managed to attract my attention..
Well, seriously, they really have bra sets selling at 10 bucks only.. very colourful summor...

then there's this the other corner, they have all the usual brands la, Truimph, Wacoal, Skiva, Pierre Cardin and Cotton Shop!!

I love cotton shop!! they have really nice designs..very colourful ones.. and cute panties haha...and they are on sale too!!!

i never bought myself any undies before..never in my life. Usually mummy will just surprise me with one whole bunch of new ones when she's out shopping alone...she knows wat i like haha..

So, as i was just looking around then the cotton shop sales person came near me and ask...

sales person: yes miss??
sales person: tiga puluh dua atau tiga puluh empat??
me: *shock har??
sales person: [canto] oh lei hai tong yan lei kah?? oh.. lei oi mat yeh?? sa as yi ding hai sa ah lok?? (oh u are chinese, wat do u want? thirty two or thirty four?)
me: *fake smile. ngor tai har jet...( i look around only)

wth... i dman 'mang' man.. i really wanna ask her this "do i look like a malay girl to u?!?!!??'

i mean, both my parent are chinese lah!!! and i have majority chinese blood!!! apa la ..mata really sepet oh..

Then i called mum,

me: [hokkian] mi lu tua tah lok? (mi, where are u?)
mum: clinique
me: * sweat.. lu tua clinic cho ha mik?? (wat are u doing in clinic?)
mum: kua mit kiah la..(see things la)
me: lua mit kiah??(see things??)
me: oh.. clinique ar?? okok.. wha tong kim ki lu hee peng.. ( okok.. i come ur place now)

Mummy bought me some facial trial kit from clinique hehe..damn small bottle wei... but i like the's aqua blue in colour.

Then mummy, told me when she enquire some stuff from the clinique beautician, the beautician said to her. Oh lei hai tong yan lei kah? lei ng chut sieng ngor zong yi wai lei hai ma lai yan! (oh, you are chinese. if u din speak up i would have tot you are actually a malay!).. hai la..tong yan lei keh..(haha no la, i am a chinese!) lei hai ng hai ma lai yan but koh bei koh tong yan yeong ah?? (are you actually a malay but given to a chinese family??) ng hai la, ngor ah pa ah ma dou hai tong yan lei kah! (no la, both my parent are chinese!)
hor nang ngot hak kua..(maybe i am tanned la) ng hai hak ng hak keh shi, hai lei goh yeong ah..yaw tit chi ma lai min ( it's not the matter of fairness, but your feature, look a little bit like malay) oh hai meh?? (really??)

then i told mum and dad what happened in the bra section, then daddy laughed.
normal la, this always happen to mummy and i.. and now's ur turn haha...

*sweat..very funny meh???

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