Friday, September 01, 2006

apa apa saja...

sigh.. lately nothing much happen in life.. life seem so dull..nothing much to update other than telling u ppl tat my class ppl spotted a couple of new girls..and they all have same characteristic : BIG BOOBS... lol.

hack! not my fault k.. their face, normal la...looks very ordinary. If i din guess wrongly, they are from the business school wan... tats all.

So, if you are interested in big boobies, can come KDU, get a nice sit in canteen and check out..

30th August 2006
It's twin's birthday. Every year i am the first to wish them but then this year ish ish.. i totally forgotten that it was 30th of the month until my lecturer reminded the class " eh, u all ah.. remember pass up your assignment ah.. today's alrady 30th!! tomorrow's merdeka, holiday summor.. better gimme fast!! i need to do your port folios eh!!! har today's 30th ar?? shit la, i tot its only 20 something.. time flies!!! *immediately sms hwey...

yes i know i am messy. That's why i am planning to get a PDA phone to get myself more organised. Microsoft Dopod. Dunno how much it will cost. Hopefully by RM 2500.00 and hopefully dad will pay some of it..

haven really decide which model to choose. Read newspaper one of the model have 3G thingy functions wor.. but forgotten which model..ish ish

The Dopod 828

The Dopod 838

The Dopod 830 - Latest. can choose colours summor...

Advises anyone?!??

Merdeka Day
Malaysia's 49 years old edi.. unbelievable.. and sad to say, dad's 59 edi. Haha, next year 60 liao. Damn sad la seeing him, my mum's boss, same age as dad, is already a grandfather but my daddy, haha.. his eldest daughter is only 18 this year..can marry la, but why so early when i can enjoy life more???

Did nothing much la. Went back Rawang and rested there. Haven been there for 2 months edi. Everytime pospone pospone... ish ish..i tot it would be dirty but surprisingly, it wasn't. Toilet very clean; every part of the house is clean except the floor, need to mop a bit then ichiban!!!

Miss the fresh air miss the cooling ambience... love rawang a lot!! neway, they are making the highway interchange at my area so next time can by pass rawang town and it takes only 15 minutes to PJ =) and i love the water presure. Staying in my home and aunt's house, ish ish, the shower like air kencing only, tak ada presure wan.. tat's why in a way i dun like flats/ apartments/ condos....

but toll part, probably have to pay more lo since The Greedy Ppl asking goverment to increase toll rate summor... i mean, how can they break their promises, only last year liddat they say wont increase toll rate till next 3 years then now requesting goverment to increase. Hopefully the goverment show empathy and disagree with the idea la...

the day after merdeka
wasai.. half of the class had self-declared holidays. Everybody is sleepy, no one is in the study mood, even Miss Ong.. She too feels the low ambience and had 2 cups of Nescafe to keep herself energetic..

Malunya today, Sister woke me up from sleep. But i hardly slept yesterday night. Whole night stare at ceiling only.. and thinking either funny stuff like how would i look after i gave birth to my kids and started imagine myself being fat n stuff... and also some secondary fond memories and at times think blank.. but managed to sleep for a while la..

Got to college, bought Nescafe, sucks man. RM 1.50 per cup but it's just a little of nescafe + loads of water.. no coffee smell, no coffee taste nothing!!! i complained. But no one seemed to be caring..

btw, today the guards dunno why suddenly so strict. I was not wearing my student card then he halang me. Usually he let me go wan lo.. Neway, today saw some girls from Mass Comm class..(AHEM!!) i mean, girls always wanted to look nice i dun blame la cuz i am too wanting to look my best wherever and whenever i go.. but dont u just think u shud wear soemthing that will cover up your ugliness?? not everyone is perfect ma, some have big thighs some bulky stomach..

If you have big thigh, dun la wear mini skirts..then walk around the cafeteria summor.. wan everyone see edi then vomit or the appetite di-terbalik-kan meh?? sometimes wear clothes oso have to use common sense lo.. takan u wan wait till ppl come up to ur face then tell u eh ur leg like elephant liddat dun wear short skirts la.. if it really happens then u will rush to toilet and cry, WHAT FOR?!?!?

I dun mean tat i am having a perfect body, and i dun mean i have great fashion sense n all.. but at least i wear longer length skirt to cover up my huge-muscled-thigh lo... ya la, wore once mini skirt but tat also i am forced to lo..k k.. i know. It's non of my problem..



Deng said...

Dopod 830.. Looks better than the rest.

Who's the elephant??!!! Where? Where??!!

Y.B.T. Hwey said...

Chinese? Look like pig wan? Like seriously there was this girl in my class last semester that looked really like a pig. Literally.

nicoley said...

deng: okok..listen to u.. i think i will buy the pink colour wan..since black and silver are soooo common and the pink, in chinese they call it something like "zhi fen hong"...

Hwey: haha.. i told ya who's tat girl edi wert.. haha