Thursday, September 07, 2006


*clap clap
daddy says he's getting me a car soon...
according to him, it wil be right after i got my license!!!
Woohoo... that's not very far from now!!

I personally LOVE FIAT Punto.. yea, it's not very cun but i like ah..i like cute cars.. guys they all laughed at me for liking such chah pek car, but i am small ma...wan drive big cars for wat wor?!?! beside, mummy say, girl better dun drive cun car later ppl will think u are hookers or equivalant.
If possible, i would like to have a Mini Cooper lo.. damn cute haha.. more yeng ma haha..

But sad, daddy say not worth buying imported european cars cuz he say, ppl like me someday sure involved in accident wan, so if the car spoilt or break down, then hard to find ppl to fix and have to import the spare parts and all...he say it's too hassle. =( besides, these cars are not cheap, if anything goes wrong he say will surely get heart attact then admitted to hospital wor....

But nvm, i dun mind getting a japanese jazz??? nyek nyek.. but if it's 1.6cc and above surely dad say no! SO, if can't get honda jazz, probably can get toyota vios??? i dunno, but for sure, my car will have ass. Daddy says, assless cars are dangerous! Jazz shud be ok kua?!?!

well, actually, it's all fine with me la. I dun even mind getting a national car..or even second hand long as it moves properly right, since i know i cant get my fiat... no kancil no savvy no myvi no kelisa cuz mum and dad dun like them. wat mum is thinking is buying a Proton Saga Aeroback 1.3 thingy la.....economical wor..

but what i am worry is that, dad will get me some old junk like this. since he is afraid of me.. banging the nice car n all...he says old cars, engine good and body are tough so good for new drivers like me.

i dowan ah.. i wan better ones pls!!!!

better be good and pray hard!!!


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