Wednesday, September 06, 2006

no hp no life

it's my mistake that i did not take good care of my own belonging.
no dun worry. I did not lose my handphone..just left it in somebody's bag and forgotten to take it back...

I actually have no intention to blog this matter wan..since miss tan thought that i have blogged this and warned me not to mention her name, and there so i blog and will only address her as miss tan.

i respect my friend *wink!

Sunday i went to church only with my jacket, handphone and bible. Since soooo little things, ma din bother to grab a bag lo.

So, as usual, i will leave my fon to miss tan to keep till service ended. Somehow, that faithful day, i totally forgotten bout it, so is miss tan.

I dun remember her phone number so din call her to remind to bring it on tuesday. And again, i will have to live another 3 days without a handphone by my side...

No handphone. No good!

when i told my parents bout it, kena lecture kau kau. i dun like my father to talk when he's driving. If he speak sambil drive, the car will go at only 40 km/j and it will take us extra 15 minutes to reach home due to the speed...

and sometimes you will even kancil with a lot of passangers inside the car moving faster than dad's vehicle. that sucks!

no handphone, i kenot play games in car. cuz inside car, sien ma.. so usually i will iether sleep or play game.

no handphone = no alarm. With this, i will not able to wake up early. Pity me, mummy will kick my ass hard just to wake me up, cuz she say i very pig like.

no handphone, no communication. I kenot go out with friends after class cuz daddy will be waiting for me outside college to bring me back to out nest and my friends too kenot call me =(

no handphone i feeel so uncomfortable...
snif snif
wat to do, it's all my fault!

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