Saturday, September 09, 2006


ever since daddy told me bout the car i was too happy till forgot to some important stuff..

this happened before the car incident:-

tuesday was my bro's birthday. FIY: I never like July, August and September cuz most people around me, their birthdays soo happens to fall on these months. So, if i were to give one birthday present, i will have to give the rest presents as well...just to be fair to all. yea. i dun like jan and feb too.

since it fell on tuesday, for sure got no time to celebrate with him, besides, he doesn't have any idea how he wants to celebrate. So, mummy told him, celebrate tomorrow la. Later u say we dun respect u, dun sayang u and all the rubbish. And he was happy with it.

The next day. Dat fella still haven decide wat he want. So daddy says, since like that then i belanja u eat something nice lo. practical and pracmatic gift! But then that fella, give himm more than half a day to think still haven decide what he want to eat. Then he asked me to decide for him.

i say, since u like chicken then eat Kenny Roger lo. I damn long din eat edi la. Or u want M.F.M? i damn long never eat there oso. since he's a chicken freak, for sure choose chicken la. So, we ended in 1u eating chicken.

Thursday was my uncle's birthday. Din get a chance to wish him.

K K. Friday was Angela's birthday. I purposely din wish her. And i truly wonder how is she celebrating this year's birthday??? 18 years old le...

this girl..

damn hard wanna get her present.
this dun use, that dun wear... ish ish.
i think i will get hwey her present first. much easier.
wan get her summor make up stuff later she say dunno how to use then i dai wok!

i will think slowly, since i am very free nyek nyek...

17th is joshua chuah's birthday.
probably will wish him only la. Since now no more close.


10 days later, on the 27th

edwin khoo turning 18.

ish ish ish.. he owiz bully me. will only wish him.
besides, he owes me a pair of Puma sneakers...
sudah makan tak mau bayar wan this kind of ppl.
helped him complete his SPM Moral folio, decorate nice nice for him summor,
din even show some gratitute...din even belanja one cup of drink...

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