Friday, August 25, 2006

Another story - Pampered girl long never blog then suddenly have soo many stories to tell.

K. This too happened in Hostel.

There is this Indian girl - Veronica, from Kedah, same age. Came into KDU a month earlier than us. So, practically speaking, she is still considered our senior. Since everyone is new and they all of cuz dowan cari pasal, everybody treated her nicely and all. But then one thing everyone noted, non of the seniors are talking to her.

So, the first day staying in hostel, everybody got excited. Then comes the nightmare. The second day. Ya, forget to mention that she stayed in the same apartment with 3 other girls in my class, Gee, Syah and Aznin.

Yea the second day, she knocked on eveybody's door early in the morning aroung 6am or 7am and wake everyone up. That day, class at 2pm, of ppl wan sleep kau kau ma. It seems that she knocked on the door till u open up the room door and the longer she knock, the harder and louder the sound gets.

Third day, Her class in the afternoon, but then at 7am, she called Gee and said, bangun dan tolongkan i make up dan dandan rambut!! Gee has no choice but to help. It seems that, she chooses a shocking pink blusher and red lipstick and purple eye shadow. She wore green outfit and a blue hairclip. My fren were like, mampus lo warna warni dia ni!

Then everyone tot she went to college early, but then she was spotted waiting for the bus since morning and took the 12 noon bus. And she always kacau the guard, by asking wat time does the bus come and blah blah blah. Even the guard dun like her...can u imagine that??

So, the next morning, she called everyone's hp again and this time, no one wants to pick up her call..haha. And, there's once, she knocked on Syah's door, hard and long and loudly then say, ada cicak dalam bilik i la!

There's one time, hostel tak ada electricity. from 6.30pm till 3 am. So, everyone went outside the hostel area n berborak. Then she was alone cuz no ones wanna tok to her then there's this moment where she was walking then she ter-fell into the longkang (very very very shallow ones, its a baby longkang i call it) then she got up, then she saw syah and aznin walking towards her direction, she "fell in" again then scream for help and said kaki tak boleh gerak

Then the rest came and the person in charged of the hostel called bomba and the bombe said not very serious, probably terseliuh saja. Then Veronica says wanna call mummy, then the hostel warden lend her his phone then she complain mummy, the people here bully me. i fell into the drain and no one was helping me. They laugh at me...

The rest were like WTH??!!? din help?? wat do u mean? didnt the bomba came? and the mother ordered the warden to bring her daughter to the doctor immediately! Then Veronica cried and complain some other things to her mum as if she is damn kau kesian liddat...

Few days later, she went around and walked a lot. The doctor said dun move so much then now her leg bengkak liao... so she cried and called her dad and the dad told the warden that he wanna sue him and the rest of the house mate for being not nice to his daughter... he's gonna sue KDU as well it seem. Well, people lawyer ma.. suka suka then sue.

So, next month, the parents coming and warden asked the rest to help him out in telling the father that his daughter is the one kacauing people (btw, warden did told this to the mother and the mother says my daughter very good wan, she wont do these things)...

So, lets wait for September...nyek nyek


Y.B.T. Hwey said...

another tan mei teng
best of luck to your friends wei

nicoley said...

haha ya ya..i wanted to say tat too. haha neway i saw her tat day in pasar malam...quickly cabut man..haha..damn bad hor me..