Monday, September 04, 2006


today, i am late to class. woke up as usual at 8 but then ther's a little traffic jam at the tropicana sony area so, got stucked in the highway, so got to college late.

Daddy forgotten to pour petrol summor yesterday night so he had to do it today, but of all the time he has, why does he have to do it when i am late to college and why not when he drops brother to school???

so, he dropped me at Petronas and i have to walk to KDU from thre. i rush..i ran..i speed like never before.. i never like to wait and i know very well the taste and the feeling if waiting for really waste your time!

to my surprise, the rest of the class is still hogging at the canteen. phiew!! so, we went into the class, together...

Miss Ong looked very unusual today. She dun look happy and the class is in silent and worst of all, the air-cond died. [room 201 air cond is dead..] freaking warm man!! and worst, i just ran..sweat sweat eh...

today, she didn't teach. Just told us to finish up the whole english book within 2 hours!! *freak..who can do it?? not even me la. K english is easy, standard 2's work, but there are lot of parts, you can hardly understand the instructions le...

And so, as we are doing, the some parts where we dont understand, we ask then she replies back, read the instruction then do la. wasai,if, there are any instructions and if there were instructions and we totally understood it, why the hell do we still ask for explainations??? for fun meh??

at the end of the class, WHOLE CLASS kena hantam kau kau!!

but we know that she is hinting some "good angels" of the class.. but then why libatkan the rest wor?? ya la ya la, din pass up assignment on time, i know, i am one of them, but kenot blame me wan ma.. dad sent the comp for reformat and it has been 2 months liao ler.. then want me do in comp lab can wan but then have to bring 3 heavy + thick text book meh..

thats why, the class says, dun blame her. She memang dah lama bersabar.. plus, probably, today time of the month ..

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