Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Story of a Hero

Allow me to tell you something bout this Hero..


Everyone in my class hated room 2.15, even Miss Ong. Reason: because it is VERY cold!!
K..the room can probably fit 20 students only (yes, it's small) and the air-conditional--centralised!! So you can actually imagine the cun breeze..

Every Wed, class held in room 2.15 so u can see most of the people in my class would wear long sleeve or thick la..even Miss Ong, she will mostly turn up in formal wear which is thick which she think can keep her feeling warm in the cold room, but to her disappointment.

In the room there is this MAIN HOLE, where the cold air come forth and Miss Ong's place is just right underneath it and she hated that. Many a times she wanted to stuck the hole a a piece of cloth to keep herself away from chill.

Somehow, she complain complain and the maintainance ppl somehow like ignore her complain lo..and that fruz her a lot! So, there's this time where we actually held our class out side the class, some where near the lift, where there's some benches and a table..

there's this girl in my class, somehow, thinking that that at THAT day, class held in the Front Office Room so, she, being smart, wore a halter top with a skirt =) and somehow, the FO Room is occupied and we have no other choice but to use the cold cold room and everyone feels cold even before going into the room..

So, class started and for not even 5 minutes, everyone lost their concerntration liao BECAUSE THE ROOM IS VERY VERY COLD!!!! but this special girl i call her, somehow, sat right underneath the main hole where the air cond flows out and she feels nothing but nice..nyek nyek

sad to mention, that special girl is me! nyek nyek...

miss ong says, very good nicole. u can always stay in cold countries.. surely eat a loy of cat meat or dog meat..that why u are not feeling what other are feeling..

but hack, i only ate dog meat ONCE in my life..when i was really young..which was about, 10 years ago.. how can those meat last for sooo damn long??

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