Thursday, August 24, 2006

Another story - English Class

All HIAS student has to attend english class.
Even if you can speak better than President Bush or can oyu write better than Shakespeare u are still required to attend. So, students from ALL MODULES will have to sit thru the 2 hours english class by Miss Leeann..

Sad to tell that this is already my 3rd week in KDU, one more month to go.. Well, last week, no english so this week we had our very first english class and surprised to see that, many actually din turn up. Earlier said, all malays, only few chinese and few indians and i am too surprised to know that i AM THE ONE AND ONLY who can speaking and understand english. POOR MISS LEEANN... forward...

Miss: well i actually like u guys a lot tho u ppl dun know much english..
Miss: u all have been very attentive and i like it!
Miss: Do u know wat is attentive??

*me, nodding my head..the rest dunno wat happen la haiyo

*Miss Leeann saw me nodding head

Miss: well i guess u are the one and only fella in the class whom actually know what is attentive.

*later, faizal (the guy i know in hilton)

faizal: eh nicole, apa itu attentive?
nicole: beri perhatian..
faizal: oh..
faizal: Miss Leeann, beri perhatian. I pun tahu!!!

*everyone who heard him asking me the meaning laughs. forward...

*discussion - some simple english exercises la.

Miss Leeann: Alright, the word Hitchhiking in question number 4, what does it mean?
Miss: *calling ppl's name randomly..
Miss: Nicole? Mind telling ur frens what is hitchhiking?
*why me??
Nicole:erm.. someone FOOT.
Miss: someone who travels by foot. hhmm...good answer, i like it!

somehow i feel damn pai seh..
i wana stay low profile!!!!
i dun like english class..i mean i never like english classes, started hating it since the arguement between me and blady Puan Manjit..


Deng said...

I'm sure you have some sort of participation marks in class right?

Just do it!!!
Be active in class and grab all those marks.. no point staying low profile if you're going to lose out on your grades..

nicoley said...

ok ok ok..haiyo..but in a way it's kinda fun to be the smart and brilliant one in the class..nyek nyek