Thursday, August 17, 2006

Clinique beauty Seminar @ KDU

Clinique had a campus beauty roadshow at campuses and a couple days ago they came to KDU hehe. The purpose, well of course is to promote their brand to us youngsters and also to teach us the proper way to cleanse face and make up.

Lucky me cuz the so-called beauty seminar is only open to Hospitality Diploma students and B.A Diploma students. Somehow the Hospitality Head asked us HIAS students if we are interested to attend the seminar and somehow Miss Ong Make it a compulsary for us to attend:

Below are the teachings and advices:-

Face Cleansing
Clinique says, firstly know your skin type. In clique, there are 4 skin types

1. Dry all over the face - your skin feels sensitive, tight and uncomfortable.
2. Oily T-Zone - meaning comfortable to oily on the forehead and nose area and your cheek region is dry
3. Combination Oily- skin is comfortable on the cheeks area and oily at T-zone.
4. Oily all over the face.

Mine's type 3. So wat's yours??

Firstly, according to the Clinique experts, Toner doesn't really give you the close pores effect as claimed. Well, thinking back, its true, cuz pores seem to be closed only to an extend and it is not refine enough to achieve invisiblely small pore.

So, they say, must do the basic 3 step cleansing. Of course wat we know was, cleansing, toning and moisturizing. But in Clinique, they have cleansing, exfoliating lotion and moisturizer.

As everyone knows the use of a cleanser but the clarifying lotion, according to them, it helps to exfoliate the dead cells on the surface of the skin and it helps the skin to look brighter cuz the dead skin cell is muddy and dull in colour so with its existance it will make ur skin look a result, your skin can breath more and feel freer and have better absorbtion.

Well, to have great looking skin, the main ingredient, or the magic potion is actually the moisturizer. Even though your skin is Superly oily like Saudi Arabia or any other middle east countries, you will still need to apply moisturizer!

A great cleanser can wash off the dirts effectively. And a good moisturizer can help to beutify your skin THAT WHY U MUST KNOW YOUR SKIN TYPE!! so that the moisturizer work best on the skin. And one more thing..the dermalogist believes that a soap and water work best in cleaning face and of course a bar of soap with right 'ingredient' for the skin.

Scrubing face. Help to extract and exfoliate dead cells. Guy's skin are thinker than girls therefore they need more beads in the scrub compared to girls. So girls dont scrub your face using a man's facial scrub! If you have a dry and sensitive skin, look for a scrub with gentle scrubing beads and in cream form.

*black and white heads. According to the dermalogists, U CANNOT get rid of black heads. Reason: when you do extraction, the black head will come out (of course) and wat is left behind on your skin?? A HOLE!! and the hole will not close up. Then your oil sebum will produce oil and then the dirts in the air will get trapped in the hole then got bacteria so few days later, you will have black heads AGAIN in the same HOLE!! But, you can always prevent it by doing the extraction then keep the hole clean then close the hole with a pore minimizer! =)

MAKE UP! (k guys, u can skip this part)

According to the Clinique Make Up Artist, It is important to find a good foundation and the colour must be closest to your skin colour so that you will not look like a birthday cake if its too light to your tone nor will you look like a brownie if the colour is too dark for your skin tone.

To test the shades, do it at your jaw line, not at the back of your hand or anywhere else! Cuz Jaw line has the nearest tone as your skin. And while applying foundation, use fingers will give best effect. Flesh against flesh. And you can always apply at your eyelid area and even your lips as a foundation works as a base and it helps to even up your skin.

After foundation, next will be the loose powder.Loose powder helps the foundation to do its work better. It also help to hold and last the make up longer. Same trick, apply it with finger. Powder them a little on your finger then apply a thin layer over the face. Use the brush to sweep away the access powders on the face. When putting make up use loose powder, but when touch up then use compact powder!

Next, Eye Shadows. Must Use AT LEAST 3 SHADES. Light, dark and darker. Light shade for all over the lid, till your brow and the darkest shade at the bottom of the lid. Reason: We are Asian, and Asian have FALT EYES unlike the westerners or eurasian n etc where their eyes haves depth. So, the diff shades creates contour to the eyes lids and therefore gives you an attractive eyes.

Trick, use finger also cuz can get better effect. At the end, sweep it with brush. Eyelining, A crayon eyeliner is oil base therefore you will need to dust a little same shade eye shodow on it (powder absorbs oil). Cuz oil melts when heated, so, the oil in the eyeliner will melt as it comes to noon and the colour will come out of the position and make you look like a panda. Mascara are not meant to be share. Remember that!

Brows. First, shape your brow according to the natural arch of your brow. They did not teach or elaborate more so if you wanna shape, go to the expert to do it =) But they advise, draw your brow using an angle brush and eye powder as they are easier to use and if there is any mistakes can be amended easily. Unlike eyebrow pencil. they are dark and once draw wrongly, gone are your brows. They say: use eye pencil only when you are and expert!

When you draw your brows, dont start from the head of the brow but the begining of the arch of your brow. The head is darker than the end so it is unnecessary to colour the start of the brow. Choose a colour closest to the colour of your brow hair.

Blush. The blush area should be only confine a small area. get sweet shades that suit your skin tones. Now pink is the trent. Blush area: Before the end of your nose, not a cross the end of your iris, and dont go all the way up to your brow, just before the end of your eyes will do.

Lips. Must use lip pencil as it will help to hold your lip colour in position and refine and emphasice your lip shape. Pick the colour closest to your lipstick. Draw not only the outer ring of your lip but the entire lips. Then put on the Lipstick. Apply lipgloss for better finishing. The trick: There are 3 ways of applying lipstick or gloss, directly with the lipstick or with fingers or with a brush. Apply with a brush will make it nicer.

And they advice, GIRLS, start this early, do this when you're still young. USE SUNBLOCK WHENEVER AND WHEREVER YOU GO!!! Sun rays are harmful to the skin and we human are exposed to the sun since the day we are born. Since the day we came forth from our mother's womb, our skin started to absorb the rays and it can never go off. According to the researches and surveys, 90% of aging is caused by sunrays and only 10% are natural cause.

So, the rays will accumulate and thats why our mother has wrinkles, crinkles, brown spots, dark spots, pigmentations n etc... because at their age, the rays accumulated has reach its peak. =). If you go no where special, just staying in office liddat, then SPF 15 is enough but if like go skol, shopping n all then SPF 30, if go camping n etc then SPF 50 and above depending on the activities la..

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