Monday, August 14, 2006

good or bad??

I am not a taufu.. i am a tough stone. i kenot be crushed easily. i stood still and steadily!

AS i have mentioned earlier.. my group mates tries to make use of me.
K i did all the works assigned by Miss Ong. AND we are suppose to pass up all today!
*clap calp.
K First of all. Today, Monday, class should be started at 9am and in formal clothing. Me, linda, aznin, Syah, Mohamed (class rep) and yan yan came earlier and waited outside the Front Office Room at third floor (in front of the photocopy shop). We were quite excited in a way, cuz first time wear so formal..and we were asking each other oh i nampak ok tak?? messy tak i punya rambut?? kasut i tak match ngan suit i la.. and all the stuff la. u know. GIRLS.

I was 8.55 am and we see no one coming. So, aznin called the rest. And guess wat? they are still in the hostel!! the 7 of them! they missed the hostel bus it seems. K. If one misses the bus, understood. But dun tell me ngam ngam all 7 of them coincidentally missed the hostel bus?!?! so, we figure that they pakat to miss bus together.

Miss Ong came at sharp 9am. She looked surprise. of cuz la. half of the class is not here yet. So, she told us to eat breakfast at cafeteria and she'll start the class at 10. So, we went cafe makan. Then i over heard the other girl's conversation that they dont really like the other girls.. ya la. they gossip gossip la. i hear a bit only cuz i saw teing and hwey then went talk to them. hehe...

Ya, teing and hwey. remember the girl with puff up hair like me?? that's Aznin and the other bigger size wan is Shah and the smaller size and with spec wan is Linda. hehe.. By the time i went back to seat the gossip session ended. haha..

K. Then at 9.50, we spotted the others. So, we went up to the class together and the "hot chicks", aznin call them..went lepak in toilet and went in to the class late for 5 minutes and 29 seconds. In a way, we the good pupils kesian Miss Ong..and kesian ourselves oso for having such ppl in the class. ish ish

Then in class, the hot chicks feeling sleepy and some fell asleep. Then since this is our first day in formal wear, so, Miss Ong pass her grooming skills to us and she too commented on all of us. She told me to take good care of my face. dun over cleanse my face cuz in front office, people are very particular with your face and body tahts why we have to groom. And everyone is in make up. only me, i dun give a damn, just apply a layer of mascara. Haha, usuall i apply 2 or 3 layers.. Oh ya, she too say, wear small studded earrings..

class went on as usual. Then Miss Ong says, Wed class off!!! woohooooo... but then later she added, have to ganti back on saturday. 10am. * sad. Then to my surprise, english class cancelled. And i'm the last one to found out and i'm the only one brought english text to college. ish ish..damn pai seh

Went to cafe lepak a bit then the class rep mr mohamed catch up with us then sit down then tok tok. then i dawn upon me that i haven finish my last dialogue and have to pass up i rushed the work then at the end, i put a note. "Done by, Nicole." Mohamed ask, u tak ada group member kah? Then i say ada tapi i pun tak jumpa dia orang. So tak discuss. Yang ini i buat sendiri so tulis la nama sendiri saje.. U mean u buat ini semua seorang diri and no member pun yang contrubrute?? ya la.. dia orang..aiya i pun tak tau la..And then i write another copy then aznin ask, kenapa buat lagi? can yang satu lagi dah ok?? Then i reply "oh, itu untuk group member yang lain. buat apa nak buat satu set lagi untuk dia orang yang tak buat kerja?? kan ni u buat all by yourself?!?! Buat apa juga nak tulis dia orang punya nama kalau mereka tak contrubutekan apa apa..dia orang tu ingat u apa?? homework maid? dia orang tu bayar u ke untuk butakan homework untuk dia?? tak kan?? so, listen to me, just write your name and let them die. let Mis Ong come after them tats all!!!

Wasai she say that time damn bengang. I think she is seriously damn ng sun with them ahahaa... So, i only write my name then pass up to Mr.M then he said k. macam ni je la. i kesian you.. group yang lain ok tak?? i tak tau la, should be ok la. Gee (the sabah girl, her name was Fauziah) sakit so dia tak buat i tak blame her la.. tapi yang satu lagi..i kesian kat u la.

muahahaaa....can i say i have back up liao. i am gonna ask Miss Ong to change group member.

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Y.B.T. Hwey said...

so means what?
You passed it up without writing their names hor?
But right, these things right, you should actually talk to before submitting it WITHOUT their names... its a serious issue here... unless you guys dont have transcripts to worry about lar