Thursday, August 17, 2006


the IMI ppl coming. Lecturers from Swizz, canada n etc coming so Miss Ong was assigned by the principle to teman the ladies go shopping in KL. Since its sale season.. Thats y no class.

In case u dunno, IMI stands for International Hotel Management Institute ( If i'm not wrong) and the head quarter is located in Swizerland. Of course they have branches all over the earth, except malaysia but KDU is acting sorta like their, tuition centre la...

So, i called Mr. David Hong since he's having holiday as well and he owe me lunch hehe.. so he then called jeat yieng then 3 of us went lunch in SS2. PJ dudes, shud know this place - The Red Colour Restaurant, selling noodles wan.. the one beside Prince Cafe.. sorry la, i dunno wat its called. hehe..

Jeat Yieng says she vegetarian liao, kenot eat meat. Hong n i tot she was just joking cuz both of us remembered seeing ehr eating meat last year in high skol... then later, after looking thru the menu then only she say haiyo, theres nothing here that i can eat!! (cuz all ada daging)

JY: eh i really dunno what to eat la..
me: wanna change venue??
hong: ya la. we care for you too. takan wan u look at both of us eat meh?
me: ya l.
JY: nvm la. I guess just get me a vegetarian shark fin soup will do.
hong: u sure? then we order la
JY: nvm nvm nvm.. jk only..
hong: sure anot??if tat's wat u wan then we order la..
me: aiya take ur time to see n think la.
hong: ya la..

JY: k cant think of any..Vegetarian Sharkfin Soup la.
hong: sure?
JY: Sure..
me: k i'm done too. hong call ur chick
hong: wat chick??
me: neh..ur chick la, the one u say look pretty wan.. ask her come take orders la
JY: haha..rmb, next time when u cal girls chick remind urself tat u r a rooster!
me: hahahahhahahahahahahahah

The food was rather fast, and its fresh, and its warm.. i dun mind eating there again just that it was quite hard to decide the drinks cuz the name is..weird. But then when the bill comes, it appears to be RM 49.66. For just 2 noodles and a bowl of sharkfin soup and 3 drinks. plus tax la..

Then jeat yieng ajak go cyber play O2 jam.. but hong dun let..

Hong: u shud control urself jeat yieng..
JY: eh..i haven play for a week edi le.. so its good enough.
Hong: but u are like.. cant live without it.
JY: where got?!?! i din play for a week edi la..
Hong: so nicole wat do u think? where should we go now?
JY: CC!!
me: but i dun play O2 Jam. I dun have an account and i dunno how to play
Hong: ya u can always come over to my house and play wat.
JY: dowan la, if see your mother then how? wat to address her??
me: eh ya lo ya lo. Puan chang or Auntie?? hehe
Hong: No matetr what, we wil not be going to CC.
Me: then go 1U lepak lo..
Hong: K Done.

It was 1.45PM when we decided to go over to 1U. Then lepak lepak. Then Kai ying called jeat Yieng then she ditches me n hong. ish ish. So, he send me back to DJ. Before that, we turned to SS2 buy McFlurry haha..then saw brian they all at indomee mamak haha..

there goes my day. went back home. Wash toilet. hehe..

watched M.I iii and dragon tiger gate and click today. haha..

MI 3:-
nice. can see Tom Cruise id really an old man now.. can see wrinkles and stuff on his face. I like Maggie Q hehe

Dragon Tiger Gate:-
Ok la.. very computer lo.. damn fake. but donnie yen looks nice while he fights damn yeng zhai.

Funny la, but Pink Panther is funnier. But the story was nice.. very moral. The main point of the whole thing is, family comes first!

By the way, i asked yung wats the definition of being hot and he says it means


well my ass is nice so does it mean i'm 1/3 hot?!?!? hahaa..