Monday, August 14, 2006

The reason why i did not attend clo's granny's sitting session..

After church service.

me: eh di, chloe's grandma's sitting at court 10. angela tell wan.
dad: who tell angela wan??
me: chloe la..
dad: who'd chloe??
dad: oh..ya ya ya i know who edi..k u wanna go??
me: if u all dun mind then i wan la..
dad: k la. can la. go now lo..

*dad driving... (50 KM/J) everyone in the car was fruz..cuz we using HIGHWAY!!


me: eh di, where are we going? i tot u say wanna go Subang?
Dad: aiya ya lo hor..
dad: nvm la. eat first la. then only go.
me: up to u all lo.. can go there can edi.
dad: k.. go eat where??
mum: why dont u ask, wat u all wann aeat?
dad: wat u ppl wanna eat?
me: i dun mind. anything is fine with me.
mum: then go eat shit la!
me: mi ah!..why liddat wan oh...
mum: ya ma.. u say anything is fine with u ma...
brother: go taman megah la.
me: ya taman megah. i wanna eat the korean spicy ramen..
dad: owiz eat hot and spicy food.
me: i like ma..

* korean stall close liao. Close as in Closed Forever! sad!!

after finishing food..

dad: we go subang ya.
me: YES!!!

*driving driving..

me: eh di, why are we going back home?? not go subang meh?!?!
dad: aiyo..forget again..
mum: *woke up. Ur father is REALLY old liao!!
dad: old ur head la. where got old.
me: admit it la dad.. haiyo.
brother and sister: *woke up. *slimbering..ya lo ya lo. daddy old edi ah..
brother: peng ah..all your fault la. faster get ur lisence la haiyo. i kenot tahan slow driving anymore la..

sorry clo. i missed out the peanuts and jelly and drinks. ish ish


nicoley said...

sorry. brother sister part. its slumbering not slimbering. typing error. as usual.

will edit later.

Y.B.T. Hwey said...

Your papa really damn old liao hor...