Thursday, August 24, 2006

another story - Kampung girl

This happens in the hostel. Told to me by the others..

There's this girl, her name was Ros and she's in the Kitchen Practice Module and she too stays in Hostel in Kota Damansara.

It seems like, she originated dari KAMPUNG..but then hor, she, going round the globe and started to judge others and calling other kids (from probably small town) BUDAK KAMPUNG!!
F.Y.I, the malays dun like to be called kamoung. It offended them a lot! Ppl from kampung of cuz act kampungly la.. so u can actually imagine how much the others dislike her...

So, one of the fine evening, the HIAS ppl, they are now good frens and so, somehow this fine day EVEYONE went dinner whole big bunch of them. Then this Ros acted kampungly again. Then later when someone else did something she commented and all the others kenot tahan liao then whole bunch together gether sambil critic her sambil eat...

critic nvm u know, wat's worst is that, say her stuff out luod in front of her!!! wasai, if only i am in her state, i would pack my bag immediately and go home!! damn kau malu man!!!

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