Wednesday, July 19, 2006


bloody happy now..
angela is back!!
that blady favorite darling bitch of mine is back malaysia!! muahahhaha

She con me..saying will come back in two weeks!!!
i tot really have to wait two more freaking weeks till yesterday, i went church then yean fang told me eh, u din c who's here edi?!?!
i took a look around the class then..suddenly.. I SAW ANGELA!!

i went like.."OOHHHHHHH" *eye opened really really really big.. my mouth oso.
everybody in the class looked at me one kind...for acting liddat hahaa
but too bad, that's me..owiz over react wan hahah
then even the teacher in sunday school say ur expression looked as if u saw ghost or something!!

REALLY. SHOCK! now. dunno wat to say liao. even right now. still that happy and excited. muahahahahhah...

almost everyone knew except me n huai yee!! wat the hel!??!?!?!!?!?!!?

neway..she's really diff liao..haha.speak. now ppl speak slangy englishhh.. with a little typical malaysian word like "eh".."oh.." n etc.. ahahahahhah

I am still happy!! hahahahahhaaha

k guess wat now. i've figured the reason why i have sosososoososooso many pop ups on my face.

1) hase. yes. malaysia has hase. hase is now back again but not that serious. yet i think.
2) busyness.
3) i was too busy.
4) i was really really busy
5) have no time to take care of my face
6) no masque, no facial crams, no gels n blah blah blha for 3 months!!!
7) my skin is extausted
8) no time to clean face properly
9) skin too stress
10) miss angela too much.

So, now, since my darling bytch is now back so, i think 1 problem gone. So, i am resigning soon, another 4 problems gone. well i think all probs are all gone now. i mean soon! hahahahah

neway. i am still very very very very very happy n excited!!!


really la. i hardly can recognise her lo. with her blady straightened hair and her new fashion style hahahah..seriously no more my ols angela haha..k k nvm

neway. i am now in cyber. damansara Jaya. BlitZone. I still like Horus SS2 more. there better. Here they charging me $2.50 per hour...horus only 2 bucks. n connections all damn good. here, not so nice. a bit slow. and it cost me 2.50...

k leaving now..goin skol..kacau juniors..hahahaha

C i sooo happy till this post like dunno wat..fancy fancy..gosh..its a little eemay liao...


worm said...

not EVERYONE knew that i was coming back my dear. just 2 or 3 only. really.

my accent is going downhill really fast especially with the frequent exposure to the people here now. futhermore, i wasn't in the uk for THAT long, so, the malaysian english in me is still very strong.
i guess by the time u meet me on friday, i'll be speaking just like how i spoke before i left already.

you have breakouts by missing, does that mean that im the cause for your breakouts? how could you my beloved darling nicole put the blame on me for your breakouts? dont you love me anymore, darling?

my hair has always been the same since december last year. it's just that i used to tie it up or tie half. that's why i look different when i completely loosen my hair yesterday.
and i dont have any new fashion style my dear. well yeah perhaps there are changes in my way of fashion but for sure i wont display it when i go to church or college coz i dont see any necessity in that. i prefer looking decent and/or elegant at these 2 places dear.

all in all, im still the same old me, the angela that u used to love, still loving, and will always love.

love you babe.

xxx angela xxx

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hrmmm.....long comment

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