Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Man Are hard to please

Well..this doesn't only apply only to women but men too! Wat u tot u guys very cin cai meh?!?!? Sometimes guys can be even more ma fan than girl!!!! Guys nowadays are no better than girls.
The only different thing is that 99.9% of guys are hamsap and only 5% of the girls are hamsap. hahahhahaaa.... k k ..enough! =P

(got this from email):

Threat him nice, they say u'r in LOVE with him
but if u dont, he say u'r proud and arrogant

Dress nice, u'r trying to lure him
but if u dont, u'r from kampung

If u argue with him, he'll say u are stubborn
But if u dont, he'll say u have no brain!

U r smarter than him, he will lose face
But if he's smarter he is GREAT

If u dont love him, he will try to possess u
But if u do, he will try to leave you!
(tat is y i said most guys dont appreciate wat they have)

If u dont make love with him, u dont love him
but if u do, he'll say U ARE CHEAP!!!

If u tell him ur problems, u are troublesome!
But if u dont, u dont trust him!

When u scold him, u'r acting nanny
but he does that to u, it is because he cares for u!

If u break your promises, u cannot be trusted,
but if he breaks his, he is FORCED to do so!

U smoke = bad girl
he smoke = gentlemen

If u do well in exam, he'll say kai dou wan..
but when he does well, he'll say it's BRAIN!

U hurt him, u'r cruel
When he hurts u, u'r just too sensetive!

I know, u guys surely dont agree with this, but v girls do! too bad.

guys are all the same...selfish, justify of their own actions and kiasu! And most importantly, they tend to like to live their lives in regrets...

enough. no gonna elaborate more!
good day!=D


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