Saturday, July 22, 2006

The day where i took 3 days off Part 3


Was just another happy day. Woke up early early. Do facial masque..prepare myself well..grooming n everything, head to Hilton PJ. Their offices are all underground..not like any other high class offices..just very simple, but neat n tidy. Not many ppl oso...

Indeed, i'm the only chinese went there for interview, the other was malays and indian. well, i guess they take this up cuz its free kua..haha..neway, the interview with the lady Miss Jamie was a quick one. But she told me to wait for the HR Manager to interview me. And so be it. He is VERY big in size. And he speaks EEnnNGGGGllLLLii!!!ssHHH...i am not really sure if he's malaysian or wat cuz he look like Korean. And worst, i hardly understand wat he's saying that i kept saying pardon me? i beg ur pardon? excuse me?..Gosh!! DOOM DOOM DOOM!!!

Then i went to skol, since its 12.30pm. haha..Blady Bus 12 waited in front of UTAR to wait for the student to come out for like damn long..around 10 mins. It gonna rain soon and that blady driver still waits. Fine. As soon as the bus reaches the University Round-a-bout, rain pour down heavily!! WTF?!?!?! I ran ran ran.. down to the skol gate. The Anjung Bakti way was Sealed up! kesian me, wearing white skirt and light blue shirt the time i reach school compound, everybody look at me. Reason, i am transparent!!! totally wet!! Saw Hong, he looked at me too!! Blady fool!!

Called Deepa to get me dry clothes. And then waited for time to pass.. cuz they all got rehearsal at 2.30pm. Ee May give face to juniors by letting them attending the CF first, then only rehearse.. Well, if i din remember wrongly, when teing n i were in charge, there's no such thing happening wan. I say 12.30 means 12.30. No one dare challenge me hahaha..of cuz ler, i am Nicole wor..wan die meh?!?! EE MAY U R JUST TOO KIND!!

Attended their cultural night briefing. Wasai, the troop is again dominated by GuRlZZZ haha.. Jo-Lyne is there giving the Speech and our dear troop leader wan pin, guess wat, he was just walking arpund, behind jo-jo, pretend to march march a bit then play with the balck board.. wat a Leader.. i asked kar mun they all, they say, he's liddat wan. It happens every time. They're imune to it liao..sigh..

Then its 2.30pm!! *yippy!! but sad case. The guys back out! they say the dance will make them mandul haha..i dowan reveal much here. Let u all see it urself on cultural night.erm..probably u all already knew wat dance edi and how it goes..nvm..incase got ppl later sue me say i spoilt the surprise haha.. but i can tell u that night will be DAMN KAU CULTURAL!!

Teing, i tell u one thing maybe u oso kenot tahan. ITS a week before the cultural and u know wat the juniors tell ee may?? but then hor i dun think v can make it and all the bullshits...angry anot?!?!? owiz take things lightly.. only ee may can tahan it lo i tell u. too bad tat day i was there and they kena from me. too bad... not gonna apologise to them.. leave skol edi so wat?!?! still can scold! but sorry to mays tat i ter-over took u dat day...

these small kids i tell u ah... one fierce wan left edi then another less fierce wan take over then they tot they can fool around liao.. sorry, i am damn not satisfied with the junior's dance!!! And if anything wrong tat night even if mays dun scold them i will do tat!!! blady fools! Damn kau angry. Only ee may can tahan them.. or maybe she's trying hard to tahan them haha... k k fine. nothing to do wif me liao. -stop-mouth seal-


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