Monday, July 10, 2006


Its lunch time!!!

Boss shud be back by now..but he changed his schedule..currently in Bangkok..

Yup, i'm having another day of ermm fun!

Today, some new staff praised me. She said i am very things very fast..and steady!! haha waliao..i hear edi damn happy!!haha..finally i see myself as something not useless..something, valueble..She summor said hope i dun go study so fast, or else there wont be anyone helpign her out whenever she's in trouble..haha..i am super happy

In the past, this woman, works in hotel and she has very good connection in the hotel line..keke of course, i'll never let go a good chance. So i asked her, btw her name is lynn

me: so, last time u worked in hotel

lynn: ya..ya..

me: is it fun??

lynn: haha..y? u wanna work in hotel??

me: *smiling

lynn: well depends how u take it la..but then its kinda brain washing

me:* stars around my head

lynn: ya, every time meeting they will tend to brain wash u..every meeting u will
kena hantam wan... u work in sales or not oso will kena, becuz sales not good.

me: wow...

lynn: plus, every time if there's any function, u'll have to be first to be there and last to leave and make sure that everyone is happy with our services...

me:oohhh...*like campfire only..

lynn: i still think doin real estate is more interesting la..


lynn: if u wan can call me, i got a lot of connections!

me: *smile wider...okok..sure!!

Neway, today i listen to hwey, bought tapao kai fan (chicken rice) and eat in office...i switch off the air-cond before opening the packet =D for once i ate rice in office, not bread..haha..

Kinda sien now..nothing much to do liao other than updating webpage..sigh, been doin this almost everyday.. and i got a lot more left..sien..ya its fun..get to learn something but doin the same old task everyday with great load spoilt the fun..


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