Monday, July 10, 2006

with kar fai in 1U..

kar fai and i went 1U together on saturday..afternoon. I went there after work, and he went after his revision in MPPJ library..

Haha..okok i did asked some to come along just that nobody replies my sms..N i know UTAR has got exams and my dear twin ada wedding to attend..tats y din call them.

After fai's revision, he offered to pick me up from sweet of him! I was actually planning to take bus and its HOT out there.. besides, he's a careful driver..unlike mr edwin khoo n frens...

Oh ya, not to forget Brian's birthday. Yea. Today.Saturday. 8th July 2006. I chat with him in msn till 1.30PM..while working haha... tat poor boy damn kesian, appearently no one remembers his birthday, and girlfriend Grace is working, kenot celebrate with him..=( But i GUESS at night he did celebrated..dun think his heng dai all so mou yi hei..they wont be so bad kua..

Fai came at 2 something and reach 1U around 3. cuz of the jam. Btw, we got a nice parking space after making only 2 rounds in the entertainment floor. How Lucky! Tot of eating but i had ice cream from McD in SS2, was kinda full... So, since kar fai said wanna look for polo Tee, so.. did shopping first

I never seen such fussy guy before.. never in my life. Usually those guys i know, they walk, and saw something, like then buy. But Fai..sigh, First v went to Body Glove, then he said, umm let's walk summor..

So, i brought him to U2, then he said its nice but the price uummm....K K fine. So, we went to Padini Authentics, Then he said he dun like the colours..So, i said, lets go Giordano then. So, v went n erm..he walk n see n touch then walk out of the shop...couldnt decide wat to buy wor...

So, we walk n walked n walk n walked..then i went to MNG then Forever 21 and fai being a good guy, did not wait for me outside the shop nor inside, he went to MPH instead. That makes me really comfortable..hehe. No need to rush, can see things slowly summor haha...

Sale's everywhere in 1U...but there's nothing much nice stuff left..since its almost the end of it edi. I went MPH and read magazines..yeah..dowan waste my money buying those fashion mags yet i wanna read them haha..

After that. yea.. being Lindsay Lohan's fan, how could we miss out her latest movie?? That bloody GSC.. dunno for wat reason dun let the ppl the get into the box and just leaving us waiting like idiots out there... the show suppose starts at 4.20pm. (Benjamin helped to buy the ticket a day before..and thats when the twin sisters saw him) We went in around 4.35 and the bloody commercial starts at 5!!!!! they were almost half an hour late!!

Just my luck was ok la i would say. Lohan looks bloody hell mature in the show and her voice..i dunno wat is wrong with her voice..its so unusual. Seriously, it kind rediculus lo the storyline and i wasn't as nice as i have expected and i only like the last part. Oh ya, the kissing part. It was nice. Not gross like erm.. u know Mr & Mrs Smith..or even Meteor Garden.. it was just NICE!! =)

I was actually hoping for the movie to end earlier..drank one LARGE coke. and before that had lotsa water in office and my bloating!! the warning sign kept appearing in my brain.. then when the show ends, kar fai choose to sit down for a while cuz of the crowd...ish ish..kenot tahan liao..ppl pls walk faster!!!

After my toilet trip, fai suddenly decided to get his shirt from Giordano and i made him buy the pink and light blue ones kekeke... then i it struck me. Celebrity Fitness. I was entitle for free one year VIP membership card!!! so, after he mede the payment, i rushed to the gym!!

The guy who called me the other day, Stanley was not there and this worker Joanne took over. Mind ya, she has this wicked and arrogant look!!

Joanne: So, u are entitle for a free 7days trials..

me: *blur.. wat? but Stanley said i'm entitle for free VIP membership..

Joanne: Oh! In that case.. i ask Stanley.

me: *look at fai...ermm okok

me: *whisper tot she say stanley is not here??

fai: haha i dunno


Joanne: here *gimme a form. Fill this up. Then i will bring you for a tour..

me: erm..nvm its ok..i had tat b4 (i lied, i din go n get my 7days free trials)

Joanne:k.. lets go up..

me: *pointing at kar fai..can he follow along?
Joanne: he ur bf?

me:erm...*evil smile YEA!!!

kar fai: *shock!!

Joanne: erm..hi, I'm Joanne

Kar fai: *blur..wipe hands..Hi, Jonathan

Joanne: *weird smile

**fai trying to strengle me haha

**we went up..yes looks really wonder they name it celebrity fitness...


Joanne: So, wat do u think bout this place..

me:normal la..

Joanne: normal? hhmmm k..then do u feel nice after working out?? Since u said u tried our 7 days trial...

me: normal lo...i rather run in padang,,no need pay money summor..fresh air!

Joanne: padang? but dont u just think they are difference between running in padang and working out here in gym??

me: got fresh air here dun have..

Joanne: *kena zhar... open the promotion book..

Joanne: K since u've been here b4 and i will not waste much time. This is our promotion for you..

Joanne: VIP membership for 2 person at the price of one!

me: two person join at price of one?? and u actually call this free membership

Joanne: * show if ur bf join *pointing at fai.. then u join then u got free la... registration 228, monthly only need to pay 328


Joanne: u surely can feel the diff wan..can u see the difference between this place and other work out gym??

me: erm..nope! not at all!

Joanne: no?? erm..have u been or joined any other gym like this?

me: fitness first. and my membership is still on.

Joanne: So, since u say there's no difference then why do u join fitness first? and why not here?

me: cuz i got free..

Joanne: u join cuz u got free??

me: *realise i said the wrong thing..kena zhar back!

me: k i think thats all la..thanks

Joanne: erm..ya..thanks for spending time..

**walk out of that bloody cheater gym..


actually u know wat..i should have just told her that, i have no choice but to join fitness first, my dad's the CEO, mum's the G.M there..uncle's a trainer n all the shit.. PLUS, ppl like me, wat make u think i need to workout??

there's one part she said u exercise in gym u can work ur ass out, ur tummy n all..y i look fat to you izzit???? huh huhh?? u bloody shyter congirl crappy bytch!! work out for slimming it seems..should zhar kau her cukup cukup that time..u lucky only..all my poisons all slipped my mind at that time..u lucky!!!

neway..kar fai said, my word were a litle too, fine..





Deng said...

waliao.. mui gooi shuet wah dou yao guat....

nicoley said...

muahahaha really meh?? where? where?

nicoley said...

muahahaha really meh?? where? where?

Deng said...

your whole convo with Joanne la... All got bones poking out aiming at her wei..

Anonymous said...

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