Monday, July 24, 2006


Another Time... Rumours of me with blah blah guy..

Dunno y this always happen to me. Its like, a NON STOP thing in my life.

one stop edi then another one rising from another side... sigh, wat a life.


First guy - Johan Sng
Muahaha...can u believe it?!?! Since standard 2 u know. Standard two already got "Boi Fren".. at the age of 8, wat do u know bout love?? holding hand, run around padang, and erm.. kiss??? muahahaa...

Second - Wong Shu Hwai
This one, since Standard Three. Well, he went all over the earth n say like me.. Once when i was dutying (was a prefect k..ahem!) then he came over n kiss my cheeks..WTH?!?!?!... k fine. Btw, the Johan thingy is still on.

Third - Chai Yi Kang
V sat together from standard 2 to 6... really. Cuz both were short. But i taller haha.. Rumours started in Standard 3 oso..when some smart fella say he owiz wanted to quarrel with me cuz wans my attention.. Which means, i have 3 "boi frens" at the age of 9 *wink wink..neway, muay thingy wif johan got worst. Some girls in my my class hated me cuz they like johan *woohoo... and they are jealous cuz johan n i were close frens at that time. Summor prefect jaga same place hahaahha

Fourth - Zeonicholas D'eric Chai
Some how the johan nicole thing ended in standard 5. Cuz he tranfered school liao haha..the girls were sad. except me. cuz still communicate thru ICQ.. argue a lot oso, as usual. The chai yi kang nicole thingy ended oso, cuz he later acted gay haha.. wong shu hwai nicole thing ended oso. Cuz i dun tok to him nemore. But there's this Sarawakian Boy came to my class in standard six and somehow, there is goes again. "ey ey ey, tat new boy like u ah..!!" sigh, chinese school student!! But i dunno y n somehow, i made him cry - according to Kei Wan. Apparently I said something very cruel to him that hurt him.. which I couldn't recall what and when. Okay, maybe I did..

Fifth - William Wayne Wong
The son of my mum's client. Knew him thru an annual dinner. At first quarrel a lot, cuz he damn yong sui!! 2 yrs older. studied in Garden International muahahha..if not wrong the thingy started in form 1.. and mum's office all poke fun of her with this.. haha..the client once jokingly asked her how many ppl u wanna invite to our kid's wed... somehow mummy say i'm keeping this daughter with me. haha.. but later v got close

Sixth - Sam Chan
The very first guy i spoke to in Samad. And Jin Huei's second and Kevindra's the third. haha.. Talked to him during house practice..ngam ngam both red house, both came early and waited in canteen... then i stupid n tell pei chuen n siok wah bout it then they damn cun, spread the whole thingy...k fine. But luckily it lasted only for 2 weeks...

Seventh - Wong Jin Huei
The very Second boy i spoke to in Samad. I dunno but and somehow ppl said he likes me and the whole thingy started when the sam thing stops. But it dun last long oso..thank God..

Eighth - Liew Eugene
Yea..this one since form 1 haha. He's the fren of teacher's son. hehe.. knew thru scrabble competition. I dunno n dun care bout him n dun even realise he exsisted (oops).. then ppl kept saying eugene eugene eugene.. till hari keluarga only i know who was soooo superly hangat then subsided, then scrabble competition, come back to hangat topic again... been goin on till form 4 i think....

Ninth - Brian Wong
Edwin started this wan. i know. can never forget this. Its the Kenyalang Patrol that "to sui" me wan...previously, all kenyalang PL's and APL's will fall for each other ( if both r diff gender) and so, it happens. That time Brian has got gf, so, i'm his perempuan simpanan.

Tenth - Lee Kar Fai.
This is the dumbest of all. He is my pet bro and been close since form 2. And somehow ppl mouth got nothing better else to say and simply come out with one thing n blah blah blah... nvm nvm...

Eleventh - Edwin Khoo
Started since form 4. Dunno how, but this is a tough one! Even juniors poke fun of me with it. was quite long..even till now..ppl still barks bout it. Guess it's because we spent too much time together in den, after school kua... but still.. oso got.. sigh.. nvm.. guess ppl are just jealous that i am good..or popular or..great or whom has started and helped to speard these non sense, u'r forgiven!!! haha...

Oops, forgotten bout xian zhiong and hong su zhen hahah


Y.B.T. Hwey said...

Wong shu huai kissed you on the cheeks?!

holy shit...

and when did you make deric cry???


sleepycarrot said...


Oooo... Interesting...

nicoley said...

yup he did kissed me. chai yi kang saw summor.. since then i hardly talk to him liao..

deric tat one erm.. his fault la actually, kept bugging me so i got damn piss off so i said sumtin.. then he kenot tahan. kei wan saw him crying after tat.. it happens probably a month b4 UPSR...haha keng anot??? haha

:: cream dream :: said...

why didn't u go on with hong and xian zhiong? ahhahaha
i almost forgot about xian zhiong..oh mannn!! thx for reminding me :) now i can keep cute happy memories in me.

Anonymous said...

I like it! Good job. Go on.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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ZeonZone said...

Chai Yi Kang 蔡奕康 said...

what? did i act gay? i don't remember. and i don't recall seing someone kissed you also. my goodness, i was so young.