Tuesday, July 25, 2006

another dream

Me yesterday..had another dream.

this time was about a school mate gathering..and again, Sean fetches me to and fro.

On the way back home, Sean complain hungry, so we made a stop at nearby mamak and eat. Then continue go home.

Then he say hungry again, stop at another place eat. Then continue go home.

Then hungry again..

at the end of the dream, managed reach home, surprisingly in time. Din kena scolded

Seems nothing. But when i stand in front of the mirror, NIGHTMARE.

I'm a balloon!!!! big huge and round and well paded!!!!!

wa sai... wake up immediately man!!

Btw, before this i was feeling a little warm, and somehow, i stripped..while i'm asleep..but still wearing undergarments la.. then when i wake up guess wat?!?! I have a love bite on my chest!


And i dun even feel a thing when i got stung


me, real heavy sleeper!!



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