Monday, July 17, 2006

bye bye work!!

I am resigning!!!
haha..i dun care..resigning.
See my face?? got damn lot of pimples u know...
stress..presures. way worst than u stewdentz!!
Today..meeting. After that boss summon me in to his room again.

Boss: can i request one thing from u ar??
me: wat? *busy busy writing
boss: can u please next time dont show expressions on your face?? especially when my ma chai around....
me:huh..y??wats wrong wif that??
boss: by doing that u show that i am hiring an ammature u knoe..besides, u make sooo many types of faces at me, makes me feel so not nice..
boss: can???
me: try lo..
boss: wat try?? u are an adult already!
me: i'm only 17+ boss..
boss: *shock! wat?!?!?! 17?!?!
me: ya. end of the year only turn 18.
boss: oh no!
boss: but then can u please act mature mean time??
boss: huh?
me: ok la ok la..
boss: neway, i am removing your window's messenger. U are slow in your work
me: wat?!!?
boss: u chat a lot...that is why u are slow..
me: well, i AM slow. because i dun like to rush. it tends to give me alot of presures and stress and i make mistakes...
me: besides, dont u think u needed a secretary more than a multi-purpose clerk???
boss: u mean wat u have just said??
me:quite la.
boss: then wat should i do now??
me: how i know u?? u'r the boss wert...up to u la..
boss: meaning?
me: u expending ur biz, automatically have more work and it will be more proper to have some one more professional to be your assistant u c...
boss: ya, expending business..and i will increase your pay!!
me:*yippy!! *pretend pretend
me:well, my pay is nothing la, cuz, i not pro, and not organised and still its ok with me la if u didn't give me extra...
boss: *look at me seriously..
boss: well then..up to you and i shall see how..*walk out.. more chatting with jenn yung and brian...=(

but hack..i did not CHAT ALL THE TIME K... only once a while..since when yung and brian come talk to me every single minutes wor?!?!?! ppl got nothing better things to do meh??? more messengers....yer.....='(


Deng said...

Apparently you haven't seen my face.

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