Saturday, July 29, 2006


Lemme tell u how lucky i can be today...
came late to office cuz of dad, well he owiz delay me..
then once reach SS2, bought paoz then found out the entire area has got no electricity
Then i went to office and indeed, no current..
Then i sms boss, then fell asleep while waiting for the TNB fella to fix it.

Boss called at 10.

Boss: y no power ar?
me: huh? power?/
Boss: ta la. electricity..
me: ya lo.. one hour edi lo..
Boss: u waited for an hour ar??
me: ya la.
Boss: k la, u wait for another 30 mins then can cabut la..
me: ok =)

K so, i wait n wait n wait.. 10.25 liao..
i pack my bag, lock the door..
as i was opening the main door,
*chee cha..
sit..the electricity came back...


y cant the current come after i step out of the building?!?!?! few seconds only ma...

stupid TNB workers... when ppl need them urgently they are blady hell slow.. when ppl want them to be slow they are blady effecient.. stupid stupid stupid...ish ish..

so, now, gotta work!
sigh.. kenot curi tulang liao...

cultural night..few more hours.. cant wait for it...

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