Friday, July 28, 2006

face problem

K. just got called ugly by sumone!
damn angry now!!

i ugly then wat bout u??
wat the hell do u care?!?!
i may not be pretty nor beautiful but i am blady hell sure I AM NOT UGLY!!!!!
And dont call me cute!!! ugly but adorable...
GOD's creation are always prefectly wonderful!!!

Why u care bout my face??
care bout urs first la dumbo. not like u can keep ur beauty till u die rite??? even after death, wat makes u think u can go heaven n live beautifuly eternally?!!??? wat makes u so sure?!?! HUH HUH?!?! Firstly, u have pimples and i dont.. no more pimples..just scars and its goin off very very soon!!! This proves u're uglier.

Second, i dun have permenant scars on my face and u do. Mine's only tempo... this proves u'r uglier!!! Haha

Thirdly, Even if u are pretty right now.. u'll grow darling. DUN TELL ME U WILL NEVER GROW OLD. Ur mind n heart n etc yes, may stay the same but not ur face baby! U WILL GROW OLD and ur skin will wrink n crink and all the kle-kle-kles will soon appear on ur face. It will lose its density and it will sag and droop.. and become lumpy and uneven. and there'll be spots and lines and can u imagine how u gonna look like later ..

And yes, u say there's SK II to help me. But do u know wat's the price like?? And u will need a lot of facial treatments.. and besides, those stuff u put on ur face might not be even effective on ur face then how?? u change brand.. u tot so easy to get one facial product tat's chemical free n suit ur facial needs???? GO home study more la.

Yes i know, everybody has their own right to speak. But dont u think u'v just cross over the line?!?!? HUH?!? HUH!?!?!
Brian says i am not ugly. Sam says i have a very sweet face. And many says i look like mother (mum's pretty k..) then u say I AM UGLY. challenging the fact la now?!?! or u memang jealous n envy of me for having a nicer look then u?!!??

GO HOm3 la. U speak oso speak with wisdom la. Pick oso picked the wrong girl. Brainless cow!!! Today i good mood, din really scold ya n din even curse you! be grateful!!

I only know, my fren n all wont dump and abandon me for being ugly!!!
they love me n i know they do!
thats all i care and i care n i care...
everybody looks nice in their very special unique way..not only by the look..
Cleopatra is beautiful oso wert, so?? became ceasar's perempuan simpanan. Jezebel not pretty meh??? but her heart is so no evil...
pretty or beautiful so wat?!?!? dai sai ar?!?!?

Face is not nice nvm... now there's these stuff call cosmetics. Not pretty then wear make up lo.. with a little of foundation, consealler, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, blush and lipgloss...after that ma no more ugly lo.. I may not be pretty nor beautiful but at least my face is not like phantom of the opera that erik sooo ugly that he has to wear mask ma.. at least my face is still... can be seen..

k done.
today good mood. now. normal mood liao. not happy, not sad not angry.


Deng said...

Who kacau you???!!!

nicoley said...

brainless cow. victim oso dunno how to pick. ppl like this can never be a leader or boss or head of some watever thing...small things like this oso dunno how to decide who to pick. dumbo!! bluek!!!

nicoley said...

teing, v gang up bonggol him k?? hahaaaa

Y.B.T. Hwey said...

Ey. You talk so much cock also never mention name.

jennyung said...

it was me! happy? nicole is UGLY!! U = unique G = geng L = leng lui Y = yung like! hehe.. i dunno wat else y can stand for.. =P

nicoley said...

y can stand for yeng oso ma haha

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