Saturday, July 22, 2006

The day where i took 3 days off Part 2

Woke up early early. Bro said he want to go Times Square today. K fine! Then suppose meet up with twins in 1u wan. then as i was walking to Centre Point to get cab..hp rang (sms alert)

from chea hwey.
" That fucking bitch says she's not going. I have no transport right now. I could take a cab. But i dunno my father let anot."

Then hwey called.
me: wei ah.. wat happened??
hwey: how i know la. tat bitch la. now i dunno how to go!!
me: then now how? still goin?? hwey: dunno ah.. go oso got no mood la.. staying same house with a bitch summor...
*background sounds (teing saying something)
Hwey *yield out loud: U SHUT UP!!!
me: *think in heart..wasai..ganas!

K liddat, i went 1 u alone. met up with bro after his skol ends. Then belanja him McD..then my women's instincts tells me to call the telent search agency and so i did. And acording to the receptionist, the person incharged is not around. Muahahaha. I thank God that he given women such great tools haha..luckily i called, or else wasted a bunch of cash on transport itself.
Teman That dummy guy walk around, look 4 a cun pants then went MPH, rest for a while, then take cab home!

sigh..wat a day..

well, i just dun think its nice to be frequent minded.. well probably teing have her own reason where she dowan telll out but still.. nvm.. used to it liao..


Deng said...

That day my dad and grandpa was working on some house chores. I didn't feel good about leaving the house, with them working like dogs to enjoy a XXXX movie, ok?

Even if I'm not helping with the chores if I'm at home, better than leaving the house and have "I don't give a damn" written all over me, right?

And... she could have just XXX went alone. Everytime I don't want to go (not last minute say don't want to go), she gets all XXXXX up about it. Ask her to go with someone else, she get even angrier nd say, "You think they all will go anot?" and all that shit..

nicoley said...

chil la haiyo. say edi. got used to u all liao...

Y.B.T. Hwey said...

"You think they all will go anot?" and all that shit.."

Thats for rock climbing you idiot.

Wouldnt it be even stupid to stay at home and watch them cut trees and not do anything about it?!

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