Saturday, July 22, 2006



brian owiz use this nick in msn. haha..
i asked him before wat does it mean and he say

chu-ku-li (choc in mandarin, erm.. to be accurate shud be qiao ke li)hehe

yea, mua reader tak stewpit kan?? shud have understood it hehe

angela come back wif a lot a lot of mua faverezie hehe..

all the way from U.K

got extra note book oso, only for her favourite bitches haha..(erm..i think i batter stop the bitch thingy edi haha)

not very big wan but i like it a lot. Its purple in colour!! muax muax

i will only write my happy moments on that book!! haha

front: the image can move wan..haha

back: can play play wan haha..

Chocs all of them kenot get in malaysia wan.. but then one thing lor..ppl here dieting la..sigh. gotta pause my diet plan a while then hard core exercise hahaa...


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