Saturday, July 15, 2006

another boring saturday..

Now in cyber..sitting beside Brian...the guys's here in cyber oso..Dota-ing as usual...Me actually suppose stay back a little late in office cuz boss says wan have meeting with me..But since he could not make ot in time then is his fault edi lo..i cabut earlier..haha

K K..few days din blog liao..few days only. Already have the long-time-no-blog symptoms..really dunno wat to write now..even my draft posts, all..dunno how to continue..die lo liddat.

Lately, company expending, workload got heavier.. but then my pay remain the same. Wat a world.. i finally realise the hardship!!! Really! Parents always tells us hard to earn money n all but i tot they stay in office just do some photostating and typing then get few thousand liao..till now.

I got only almost 1000 bucks per month and my work load worth 2000 bucks. wat is this la?!?!?!!! U are boss, ur few words "oh, u are not good enough.." or " i'm not satisfied with your performance"..waliao..with this kind of comment u actually ruin ppl's life u know?!?!?!?

K..fine. Neway, i'm going to KDU next Wed. Councellor called. Interview it seems.. for a special programme of theirs..wel, if i eevr pass this i count myself as luckiest person on earth...I dun really like wat i'm working on now..

K..I'll try to make my pimple postings all nicer..juicier n all...wish me luck!!!


neway, angela coming back in two weeks time. A little while more to no more missing angela symptoms hahahhahhaaa


after dota-ing, went wai sek kai eat kai fan (chicken rice)..
benjamin was greedy. he kar fan (add rice), then steal lester's chap fan (mixed rice) and steal yung's curry chee cheong fun... then took my soup oso. but brian was nice to offer me his (somehow, the chicken rice lady gave us only 2 bowls of soup instaed of 3)...

After that, v departed. guys went some other cyber (beside big book shop that wan) and i walked over to bus stop take cab go home...

I missed lotsa fun. Teing asked to eat dinner at TGIF. mummy dun let me go. Justin last week gave me warning say this week i must go eat dinner with him. Btw, today he went port klang for expedition..

So, we went cheras for our dinner. grandpa's old friend's restaurant. that blady blad headed fat ass, ask me come then dun bother bout me. let me sit there..listening to my mum n aunt talking only. He buzy fixing his eyes on his new PSP (play Station 2 Portable)...foorball wor..

sigh...damn sien man this saturday!!!


Y.B.T. Hwey said...

fill me in about the kdu shit.

my last class for this semester is tues (prob). wanna watch movie on wed... free?

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