Saturday, June 10, 2006

working on Saturday

Suck Suck Suck!!!!
everyone else is sleeping i have to wake up
everyone else is resting, chilling, i'm working...
work so much n how much i earn??? less than 1000
friday is the night for us, young ones to enjoy...
chilling out n all
but me, have to stay at home, doing all the normal thing i did on weekdays
so that the very next day i could get up to work
then after work, not enough rest, gotta go home take a nap n all
then wake up, then do a bit of cleaning, then only i have proper time for MYSELF
i really wish there's 40 hours a day
work 8 hours
sleep 12 hours
then a still have extra 20 hours to do things of my own...


why dont the govermant just impost that saturday cannot work,
saturday is a rest day, just like sunday...
who ever found working on saturday will be fined or jailed
kenot like that, then no shopping complex, no restaurant n all..
kenot kenot...
hhmmmm how le??
hehe..i know iknow
all offices are not allowed to open on weekends!! hahaha...

*got a pic of my dead face...haha..lazy upload!

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