Friday, June 09, 2006

made love with the toilet bowl

As some of u have known..tsunami had just hit my dear beloved stomach.. the aftermath was HoRr!Bl3!!!

Really terrible.

I dunno wat i had eaten that had causes this trauma in me..
really.whole night couldn't sleep..

i was sleeping..then ouch! pain...pain..
rush to

then i went back to sleep
had another marathon race to the toilet

then i got so fed up..
i came up with a brilliant idea : sleep in the toilet!

not like this in the pictire la..

but i sat on the throne, n sleep

thinking back, i really dunno how the hell i do that...

seriously, i'm pig like.

same blood type with me


nicoley said...

eh how come kenot c the second pics wan???
weird..nvm la
lazy to edit it..
leave it!

worm said...

yeah same here cant c the 2nd pic.

Nicole Yong Wei PIG. Hahaha!!

wei, check my blog.

ThE GuY WiTh tHe FoRk anD SpOoN! said...

its some woman by the bowl puking la....

nicoley said...

sorry lo, she looks like sleep by the bowl to me..