Monday, June 12, 2006

Busineeswoman at the age of 18

Edwin Khoo was 1 of my closest male friend in secondary. can say we've spent quite alot of time together as both of us always stay back n hang around or in the scout's den. But i still dunno much bout him. *who cares

it would be nice to study at such nice school

He's not good yet not bad. Just being normal n can be extraordinary massively weird at times. He treats u nicely out of the blue, suddenly can be really caring but sometimes can be just an asshole. nvm. i dowanna elaborate more in this.

One of the days after graduation from high school, he called me late at night, unexpectedly. It seems like he has an extra ticket to this business preview in pyramid convention, so ask me whether i can go anot n blah blah blah.. so i was thinking since i got nothing better to do, ma go only lor...

The Biz preview was not a boring wan like wat the others i have attended.. I rate it 6 out of 10. Host: Steven Yeam, Founder (i think) of The Steven Yeam Network (S.Y.N). 38-40 of age. It seems like he earns about 5 million each month. Yup. i said i would want to marry a 80++ years old rich man, but steven yeam is just not my choice. Reason: he's not old enuff?? ermm partly. When i had my first glance at him, guess wat's in my mind... "wow.. same blood type with frog kah???"

Yo my cousin..yo yo

Haha really sorry to comment this on him. That's just my opinion. Frankly, i dun really like the way they, the syn ppl, promote their thing (not gonna tell y). Well, they dun sell stuff la, i too dun really understand how EXTACTLY the thing goes till i take one step futher: to go up to the office. Then, Jenn Wei, the cuter younger twin brother of jenn yung, explain things to me, still i'm blur. but was not as bad as last time.

If u'r close to me, maybe u will know that i, me, nicole yong, forever got no mh@rN-n!e wan. either i spend it on food, or on something nonsense. Haha. Yeah love clothings n all, i mean, which girl wouldn't but that doesnt mean i love money dont i? i crave for money because i needed it to survive. i never hope for a luxurious life, living in huge house n driving big cars... its not me. I'm not that meterialistic. I'm not realistic.

But somehow, things happened then, which actually gave me a reason, wanting to join. But still, i am skeptical of it. But i know one thing. Its virtually impossible to pakat with over 3000 ppl to just con my small little amount of money. This, actually gave me faith in the organization. Wat more, i've met a couple of ppl there like loke cheng n jing jing (is this how u spell their name?). Not a long conversation, but can know that they are nothing but nice dudes.

I did talked to mum bout it, edwin just dun encourage me to hide from her. I never have brought this matter up to dad. I know him. He would have fuck me if i ever ever mention anything regarding direct selling. (but syn is not a direct selling thing). After rounds of heart to heart talk, mum says, i dun encourage u to do so. Well, u dun encourage, din say u dun let oso. haha. Yeah. Can edi.

To join, need money. i just mentioned, i dun have money. How le? Tok to mum again. Mum is getting more n more fruz each time i open my mouth n start talking to her bout this syn thing. I can just feel it. I dowanna make till she feels annoyed n all. In the other hand, ppl kept asking me when can i join n blah blah blah. shit. wat the fuck am i gonna do now?? Pray lo, that money will fall from sky.

OK, there's actually the main point. On saturday, mum summoned me to her room. Then she started her sentence like this " i have never knew that u'r grown up all grown up. u've grown up at such speed. its amazing, i'm really happy over it. i understand that u wanna be revolve in business n entrepeunership. so, i tot, it would be nice to set up a small company, or an enterprise, under my company. i've talked to uncle kassim (her boss) n he agreed to give u a try. do u understand? its like a.. sub company, under the umbrella of my company. Safer! much safer than ur syn. i'm giving u 30k capital. So, noww, u get back n think wat kind of business u wanna do then have a meeting with uncle kassim."


wat am i suppose to do now??

Its seems like since persuaing my studies in hotel management, there they teach how to manage n all, then, after i graduate, i'm guaranteed hired - By my own company. N, i am made CEO even before i graduate.

tell me, n lemme know pls.

is this good news or bad news.

dad n mum surely have planned all these to make me busy. So that i can have no time for other activities. *sigh


nicoley said...

sorry. iwas a little busy to write all. n there's certain part where i dunno how to describe. its a long wan n hope u ppl would understand it. some photoes are not being uploaded. no time.tmr k..

worm said...

give it a try la. u'r still young anyway. let me be the GM or something okay. hahahaha!! jk.

Y.B.T. Hwey said...

find out what your mom is planning la.. earn your own mharnie rather than let steven yeam earn la...