Friday, June 23, 2006

To Rawang With Choobs!

[miriam yeung ringtone]

i rushed to my room, then c c.. yi..its choo yang!

choobs: eh nicole yong! i need ur help!
me: *scratch head
me: u? need MY help??
choobs: yea. i need to go rawang. but i dunno the way...
me: oh..ahahahahh like that only izzit.hahah
choobs: yea..i need some expert to bring me there..
me:ahahah okok..i try to ask if i can take half day off..
choobs: okok..

i sms my boss at night, but he DID NOT reply me..
oops, could he be angry or something??
nvm. tmr go work ask again.

::next day-thurs::

me: did u receive my sms ytd??
boss: wat sms?
me: wonder u din reply
boss: oh..that one. i din reply u meh?
boss: yea yea. u may go
me: reallly??
boss: yea sure.
*happy happy.

meeting up with choo yang in skol. he suppose come after in class somewhere after 2 before 3.
in skol, haha, the scout den changed quite a bit, not so comfortable like last time edi. *of cuz ler, i'm the one arrange the positions of the sofas n cushions wan wor...

Saw lots ppl, said hi to them, n nothing else.

OH YA!! interesting news. i saw yeang shin running up n down looking for banjamin FOO SIK VAI. According to her, puan MAHA, WANTS HIM to go for the HEAD PREFECT INTERVIEW!!!
benjamin foo..head prefect of samad, can u imagine that??? if it really happens, samadian cheers n teachers would have weep till they lose their eye balls! la no la. i think the skol would have turn the other way round-better! Maha is really smart.
seriously, i think if u ask a not-so-good student to be head prefect is much better than asking the good-student..NSDS does thing better in this area actually. i believe they can really do a good job!

But i think benji passed he interview. but he told maha tat he wanted to go back home n think properly...well i dun think he will ever want to take this responsibility up. i mean, who would want it?? other than the over zealous stewden..those, i got nothing to say la.

k k back to me! i talked to julian, n somehow i owe him mcd, n i dunno y. but nvm la. i dun see him that often oso haha... then i make deepa belanja me lunch porriage only haha..
miss skol food a lot! i miss mixed rice auntie's tauge..haha
burger auntie no more working there. i heard the kids say she kena lottery so she dowan do anymore..sad!

as i was eating, there comes choobs. hanging around with mr agilan. then he too ordered auntie's rice. i dunno how he eat, as he was peeling the chicken meat off the bone, the whole piece of chicken flew up n away!!! it was funny.

Then, v headed off to rawang. Deepa beg to fetch her to KL for tuition. pasar seni. Centrel market u know. sorry la. ng sun low!!! go take bus la k. v r goin north, u'r goin south!

jo-lynn followed us along. i asked choobs where he wanted to go. he said rawang. he said he want to get there fast! k lo. then v use highway lo. then on the way, he asked, u sure this way can get to TEMPLER'S PARK very fast??
wth.. u said rawang, then now u say templer..

luckily piggie is with us. or else i think i'll direct choobs to sungai buloh instaed of rawang. i did that b4 to my aunt. but cant blame me. dad seldom use highway n that time i JUST shifted to rawang, not very familiar with the way n all..

choobs n i argued for quite a moment in the car, over the rawang n templer matter. nvm. i give way to u. u'r choo yang. choo yang cant convey message properly n clearly. i forgive u!!besides, u'r the one driving n i'm not paying for the petrol. nvm nvm. i give chance!

N one thing. i dunno there a place called RAWANG SELATAN. which will bring u to klang n shah alam in minutes-according to the sign board.

piggie paid for the toll. yea yea. forgetting one thing. in one of the stretch along the highway, choobs phone vibrated n he feels uncomfortable for the vibration. n worst, He couldnt get the big thing out of his pocket, so he let go of his hand from the sterling n his car was moving towards left n nearly crashed into a lorry. n i was sitting on the left hand side.i'll die first if it really crash!

it was raining in rawang. traffic was moving slowly. then he looked at me one kind n said, jam lar! i looked back at him n said, its rawang lar! drive la! I, ME, NICOLE YONG, then leaded him to templers. i din know there the scout's have buildings n some sort like campus in there. didnt managed to go into the premises as the gate is locked, n guarded n think. There's a HUGE persetiaan pengakap sign board. N the scout logo is quite small to be seen from distance.

choobs called the scout fella n v waited in the car for soemone to open the gate for us, then comes a honda civic n choobs jeep is blocking the way in. The fella v r suppose to meet is Mr Ishak but he's not around, so i dunno, choobs n piggie talked to the honda owner, i was in the car talking to kar fai on the phone. Then chiao.

i show choobs another alternative way to get back to pj. the way i liked most. He liked that way oso cuz its short, n no need to pay toll haha. Then choo yang said he'll belanja us..just tell a place n he will bring us there. V r in selaynag at that time. i know this restaurant tat serve REAL nice SEAFOOD haha. i told him. haha. but of cuz i din end up eating that but v went back to ss2 n had the normal hong kong char chan teng stuff.

piggie didnt eat in the afternoon,so choobs told her to eat. but she ordered sandwiches instead. Choobs n i had drinks only. Its really hard to order food in this kind of places, weird menus, weird names, lots of variety summor. actually is saw this hong kong style chee cheong fun-XO chilie paste chee cheong fun. i tot, wow, they added XO and chillie paste in chee cheong fun..yum yum.. but then piggie told me no, its not XO, but a kind of chillie paste where they blender with prawn..

Aiya, cis cis, not XO + chillie paste ar?? ish ish..then choobs call me dumb again. seriously, he call me that all along the way to rawang n back from rawang! i that dumb meh?!?!?!?! oh yea, the drinks sre nice. i had mango some thing drink. much better than island cafe. n cheaper oso!!

Then, v sat there for about an hour, then chiao! i choose to walked to mum's office as usual, n choobs brought jo-lynn back home with his 4 wheel drive jeep. sigh. Now only i realise 4 wheel drive cars actually have 2 gears..

yea. thats all. long-nya. tiring la i type untill.

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