Saturday, June 24, 2006

Prince Cafe

SS2, forever comes out with new hong kong style restaurant. There's this place called Prince Cafe, just opened last month.
[i forgot to take photoes of the shop]

interior: green n white. with some, 'waterfall wall'. they had 2 sections, smoking n non smoking. A few plasma tv, played chinese, n only chinese songs.

Kar fai called me out after his tuition class n i suggested to chill there. kind of excited actually, haha, dunno y, maybe cuz, its new...

yea, as usual, the worker welcomed us, n v had our butts on the non-smoking area, which is inside the shop. but one thing weird, there are many flies, flying around the place...

there too, they had a dashboard, recording the FIFA worldcup results, n some magazines for the female, cleo n etc.

The menu was almost the same as Kim Gary, aiya, since all are hong kong style reastaurant...fai ordered some coffee ice blended thing, which comes out like starbucks ice blended. i had a dunno wat rice n mango juice.

Fai's drink looks nice, shud taste good i guess, didnt bother to ask him. was too hungry that time. wat i want is my FOOD!!! Mango juice, i rate it 3 out of 10. not sweet, no nice mango colour, n no mango fragrance..its very pekat! but no tate n smell, useless. The rice was ok. i think it's suppose to be roast meat n vege rice. but i only saw a few dying, small pucuk of vege in the bowl.

guess how much it cost??? 20++. to me, its superb expensive. the rice, if i know how to cook, would defenitely be MUCH nicer n it cost less than 8.50!! satisfying guaranteed summor (my rice!)!!! N the rice is not even enough to fill a rat's stomach, wats more mine??? n its 8.50!!!

mango juice. the straw dun like me! as i suck, half way, some part of the straw like broken or something, n i kenot suck the juice anymore. No more sucking juice, but air!! =( Oh ya, the mango juce has got a lot of fibers, kept cutting my tongue, i dun like it!

V chat. then Fai told me happening things in lower six. That almost everyone is after that Brenda. He too say, she is not pretty but she's the rose among thorns! wtf..not pretty, but rose among thorns?? Waliao, then if i go then i'll be goddess lo!! haha (oops!)

V sat there till 6.30pm, then he drove me to mum offfice. then to buford's house. haha n of course, i got free meal again! haha

[pictures are with kar fai, i gotta wait till he send me then only can upload!]

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