Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I was put charged of company's account as i mentioned earlier in my previous post.

I was suppose to keep all the cheques, bank in n all...

Then last two weeks, boss wrote a number of pieces of cheque then pass to me then asked me to bank in. Two of it was suppose pass to one of the agent as she is not around, so its would be my job to keep it. one of it woth 2000++ and another one was 1900++ bucks.

Whenever i get something from soemone. i would chuck it to somewhere. It has been my habit since young. So, once i get it, i stuff the cheques into my drawer. tho i knew it was quite a big sum, i still do it, bz ma..

Till, on monday, the agent called me up n tell me that she's coming to office in short while to collect her commision cheque. So, i said, erm ok. Cuz, my brain waves says, i threw the cheques in the drawer.

So, i open it, then try to search for it, then guess wat. i found NOTHING!!!!
shit. i lost 2 cheques. worth 3000++ bucks. where the hack m i goin to pay back?? need to sell how many backside only can get the sum oh...

SHIT! i got reall panic at thet time! who wouldnt eh?? i went thru all my files n folders... dun have! oh no! went to boss' room n find. dun have. SHIT! what shall i do now?? nvm. find again. went thru my file n folder again n again n again.

Kenot find. Oh Dear..i'm Doomed! doomed! doomed!

i cried. serious. too panic. got tears, flowing down my cheek! then i went thru my files again. then i ter-saw some 'paper'. i flip back n take a good look at it, then i realised, i was the cheques. thank God! for saving my life once again!

sorry, this was really messy n quick n brief. no time. blog first, in case i forget the incident!haha

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Y.B.T. Hwey said...

wtf... got warning letter liao tim.

so hor, im going for the thing on sat la... but dunno wat to bring... im thinking.. canadian pizza... or soft drinks.. but no ice...