Saturday, June 24, 2006


Yesterday, wait, no. a day before yesterday, mum got a sms saying papa yeoh has passed away.

Papa Yeoh. 93 years old. my grandma's good fren.
i dunno y i called him papa yeoh oso, following my parent n the other adults kua... shud be calling him grandpa actually. hhmmm, nvm.

he is strong for a man aged 93, funny, n kind. spent me eat a couple of times. and ajaked me go eat a couple of times but i had to turn him down, daddy lo. But of course, i dun write this out because he paid for my food before...

Mum was consider close to auntie Pat n auntie Maggie (his daughters). When v got this news, shock, but yet, not much of feeling, since he's so old edi..its kind like, expected oso la..not to be bad or wat...

Dad went to the sitting with uncle aloysius. There he heard something REAL Shocking! my sis's twin fren's mum died, i mean, passed away too. waliao, she's only 40+ years old. I kesian the girls lo, form 1 only, so young then mother not here anymore. They have another 2 older brother, one my bro's good fren, another, my fren but i dun remember talking to him before...hhmmm..

I heard she suffered from knee cancer. But i tot it was getting better as i saw the swell in upon her leg was not that bad frens n i, i mean church frens, wanted to make a call to the family but, somehow had no guts. Especially me la, ppl sad enough edi la, in case i say wrong thing then "pai kar liao"... once ur time is up then u gtg edi. scary! n i'll appreciate my mum!! already have a few mum-less fren... i dowan this to happen to me...
Teing, Hwey, sayang ur mummy u know!!!

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ThE GuY WiTh tHe FoRk anD SpOoN! said...

bah...i forot his name already.....since the teacher started calling bahau boy.....its all i can remember