Tuesday, June 20, 2006

PJ Half Marathon.

Last Saturday, Pj Half Marathon.

i can remember in the past years, when i was still in high skol, it was one of the most fun, most excited event.

i can never forget the times where v walked to the star office n help to pack goodie bags.. carry things.. then walk back. But sad. Dad just dun allowed me to help out in the stadium. So, i missed all the 5 yrs of great fun. N most important of all, get paid!

But this time, weird, mum n dad encourages me to help out. but then, i was a little tired, slept at 3.30 am, woke up at 8 then work till 12, then went skol teman chea hwey... but nvm. i still wanna see how's things like.

Sean, twins' bro, was reallly nice. Choobs cant really pick me up from tropicana. Sean offer to fetch me to ss2 to meet up with the guys. chea teing driveng. haha like dad. nvm, she just passed. maybe give her another month then she start to drive like edwin. haha.

Wait for choobs at mcd. then to my surprise, choobs is fetching 11 person to kelana jaya stadium with his Kia Carnival MPV! all guys, only 4 girls. i got no where else to sit so i went sown n sat on the 'floor'. the rest were struggling.haha

Disappointing. not many ppl went. only me, twins, guys, roberta n soon seng. guys played football, leaving us, kaki bangku a side. waliao. sien man. but nvm. we sat down n chat. Mosquitoes loves roberta that night...haha both of us wore black, but i dun feel any mosquitoe coming near me haha. Then the conversation get nicer as choo yang joined in. (oops)

Roberta keeps making noise "i wan go mamak" "i wan go mamak"... then choobs brought us all there.. to one of the 5 mamak stalls located beside kelana giant hypermarket. sat there, watch, czech vs ghana till like 2am then chiao. seriously, i never expect ghana to be so strong. Or shall i say, czech has lost its standard.

Slapt at 3.30 am. Surprizingly, i wasnt even sleepy when i'm in church. stayed back till 4 summor. Hahha.. looking at uhmrigs in his "ladies" england football jersey makes me feel like laughing even more.. that keeps me even more awake. haha... thank god i only sleep a little in church! for like 3 minutes. haha


nicoley said...

sorry sorry.
got a lit error. i edit later when i'm free.

Deng said...

ey, my driving very scary wan you know..

I may be 'slow' on a straight road..

but I can be very dangerous when cars are beside me, ok?

Really wan..

Y.B.T. Hwey said...

You failed to mention you fell asleep during the match...
Actually you looked like you fell asleep. In fact, you were frowning.

*cough weirdo cough*

Y.B.T. Hwey said...

and I've never seen anyone comment on their own post. first commentor summore.

Deng said...

You fell asleep ar???!!!

Anonymous said...

hey its not a ladies jersey!
its a bloody size S okay?
reversible you cant find it anywhere now... original!!!!