Tuesday, June 20, 2006

jennyung's escape.

jenn yung earlier had promised that he'll teman me go aquaria. N oso spend me lunch. haha. But he try hard to deny it. haha.

This time. i smart a little. i capture the screen. make him even harder to break his promise haha!

haha can you see that. jenn yung is one of my blog's loyal fan. president of my onionvsginger.blogspot fan club. how could he dunno my blog n never heard of it n never seen it???haha...

life with technologies n innovations n computers n internet is simply great! haha...

anyway, saturday, suppose go aquaria with him but mum at the night before took my money away, i owe her wan it seems - electricity bill. haiz. nvm lo. he still owes me. haha=)

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