Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Puan Soo Ai Lian

Puan Soo Ai Lian
ketua panitia mata pelajaran pendidikan moral
my moral teacher since form 4

she loves:
-paying attention to the trash, if its dirty, she'll surely say this "pelajar-pelajar kelas 4 Bakti (or 5 Bakti) harus mengamalkan nilai ........." (without fail!)
-dirty jokes. Well she already 50+, dun have such high 'stamina' like us, the youngsters. whenever she encounters unpredictable statements from either one in the class, she'll say "... harus mengamalkan nilai....." (without fail!)
-david hong (chem teacher's son!)
-last but not least, ME! (keke for real.) She thinks that i'm good haha

last week, i suppose meet up with my parents in chao yang pasar malam, well, dad wanted to cook i wanted to buy some necklace n stuff... so i went there first, alone.

There, as i walked thru the stall in the rain (drizzling), i suddenly saw sumone very familiar, wearing a pair of faded jeans with a black top, holding a black umbrella...then she calls out : NICOLE!!!"
me: oh no, puan soo... *run!

she walked towards me..
soo: hey..u'r here alone?
me: yea cher!
soo: so wat are u doin now? studying or working?
me: working. study a bit later.
soo: wait. wat u get for moral? 1 or 2?
me: ... 2! ( means, get a1 or a2. actually i got b3) *oops
soo: 2? y? i'm expecting u to get a1. u'r good u know.
me: really
soo: yea. u'r one of the best in ur class.
me: ...
soo: but anyway ur class did quite well la. but if they pay more attention in my lessons then will be much better.
soo: so, how many distictions u get?
me: huh *blur.. erm..1 only cher
soo: one only?? moral only??? *smile smile
me: erm..yea *the fact is, i get an a for english!
soo: y is that so?
me: huh erm... cuz, u'r the one teaching ma!
soo: *smile smile haiya, this girl ah! k i go first.
me: bye cher!!

*fast fast walk off!


Y.B.T. Hwey said...

Eee yeeeee.....
How come Tuesday no update ka?

nicoley said...

no time la fren.. i curi curi when boss having meeting then fast fast update!

:: cream dream :: said...

wahahah funny wei!