Saturday, June 24, 2006

My Office Printer dun like me!!!

office using HP laser Jet 5P black n white printer.

it has been working with my boss since the company was formed two n half years ago. Boss sayang it very much n the printer never seems to have given him any problem! Till I come.

Ever since i worked here, n whenever i need to print something, there's always paper jam problem. I told boss, so he tot the quality of paper is no good, so since then he started using Double A A4 size paper.

Double A, goood quality, expensive paper. Watever it is, i still faced the same problem. the paper, always jam in diff places in the printer n i had to encounter with diff paper jam problems! waste my time n energy to figure how to 'heal' the printer..sigh!

Seriuosly, i think the printer purposely wanna make my life miserable only! No not only the printer, now, even the water boiler... n air cond, even keypad... c c, dun tell me its face problem. i never had that problem b4!!!!

Sigh.. god, help me pls!!

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