Monday, June 26, 2006

Dream Guy.

This post is actually inspired by yuen wei... well, yung make me read her blog n blah blah blah..then since i need to update mine as well, n i too have to remind myself, wat kind of guys i actually like haha..yeah, sometimes i'll go off track...

1) Face
it doesnt really matter to me. U may loook nice now, but not later...u'll grow old and there's surely wringkle n all the kle kle kle started to appear on ur face.

2) Body
it dun bothers me as well, u may have real sexy body, but it sure wont last long. Studies shows that, averagely, guys put on weight at the age of 30. Which means, u started to look like a pregnant lady! kaka...

Yeah. This is really important. I dun care but no matter what happens, i must be the MOST understanding, the PRETTIEST, MOST beautiful, CUTEST, MOST ADORABLE woman next to ur mother and sister(s).

4) Mind
Important oso. No matter what happens, kenot scold me, kenot get angry at me, kenot use foul word on me(in front or behide my back :P),

Yeah. must have this one. This one is important oso. Not to say i'm dumb, got no brain n kenot think, but i just dun like to think. On all the trips, dates, n outings, u think, u plan, not me. i lazy.kaka. i just do n enjoy what ever u've planned. thats all =)

it doesnt really matter. If u really love me, u'll change for me! What MOST IMPORTANT IS dun lie n cheat on me. thats all. never never do that to me. u wan two time me can, i two time back lo. hrph

7) Promises
MAKE DOUBLE or TRIPLE SURE that u WILL n ABLE to fulfill whatever u've promised. Breaking promises means lying n cheating.

8) money
don bothers me at all. i like u. not ur cash. i can earn my own or just take from mum n dad. N i dun hope to get any romantic getaway for Valentine's day or a real huge diamond ring on my birthday. Be good to me, thats all i'm asking for.

9) cigarettes
nope. i dowan. preferable not a smoker of course. But if u are, i wont ask or command u to stop. Its ur choice. ur body, ur life, n i too dowan ya to quit fagging FOR ME. NO!! i want u to quit smoking for URSELF. preferable, not to smoke in front of me, yea i dun mind la..but i dowan die early lo... And, No shesha oso, i hate that more!!!

10) church
my parent prefer me hanging out with guys from i kenot marry muslim or hindus, and not even buddist! unless u change faith la... Well, it happen to virtually all christian kids with christian parents.. but of cuz, i, me, nicole yong, personally, wont wanna leave God too!

kenot be late to any outings, dates n etc. kenot let me wait. unless with real good reason.

12) Clubbing
nah. this, i kenot tahan. clubbing means drink till drunk. i dun like the idea. clubbing means see girls. In another word, u'r cheating on me! N one more thing, i dun like gamblers! not even doin it for fun. clubbing means, happying at night, then in the morining, u wont have time for me

13) cars
not important. dun pamper me too much. i have real strong legs. u owiz fetch me with ur car, then will losen my leg muscles, then i'll have real fat leg!! i'll hate u for doin that!! i dun mind walking n taking public transport...get a little tanned is alright with me, i mean, look at my skin tone.. make not much diff wan lo kena abit of sunlight.

14) Height and skin tone
This one ah... hhmmm i haven tot of it yet but i guess, i'm short enough lor.. i dowan anybody to be shorter than me. And i too dowan my boy to be fairer than me. damn 'pai seh' wan u know..

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Hafiz said...

nice blog u have!!...lolz!...:P...It got addicted on reading it..keep it up...:D