Thursday, June 01, 2006

my dream reveals the real me

well actually i dun really wanna post this up.. but i really have got NO MOOD to work. on sunday night... i had a really nice sleep... reall tight sleep then suddenly, i saw someone..


in my dream la doink... just said i slept tightly loh..

..wong jin huei


guess how he looks like..


real kesian looking

guess wat is he doin...

begging for money


laugh wat laugh...

he looked super kesian u know...waliao, currently he damn thin edi, then in the dream got no food to eat summor..can u imagine how awful he look like..

nope..i din go to him

nope..i din give him money

i woke up from my sleep then started wondering

wonder n wonder n wonder, i went back to sleep

i told jenn yung bout it the next day in msn (v tok every now n then during working hours)..

nicole: yung, i dreamt of jin ytd
jenn yung: wat dream? that u were having sex with him??
nicole: pls la u..
nicole: in the dream... he was begging for money in pasar malam
jenn yung:...
jenn yung: damn bad wei u..
nicole: wat la now.. like i want wan la. u cant control ur dream dont u...
jenn yung: nope. can
nicole: how?
nicole: ya la ya la forgotten edi... u sure can control la, pluton ma...
jenn yung:...

** this is not the exact conversation

seriously, am i bad. i mean, i dun wan that kind of dream oso wert... but its a dream.. wat can i do..

does this mean that i'm a bad girl??

or shall i just brush the matter a side???

i feel sooo sooo sooo sorry!!!

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Deng said...

Dreaming of Jin Huei as a begger is nothing. At least to me it isn't.

Sure, people say you can read dreams by relating objects or events in your dream. Like, for example, if you see a black cat, means you are in grave danger or what shit what shit.

It's pure crap to me until someone proves it to me.